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It took an hour of coaching to change everything.

It only took one session to fix a relationship issue that has been with me my entire life. I was completely shocked that it was that easy. I spent years in miserable relationships and was on my third marriage. It took an hour of coaching to change everything. I’m still blown away that it was so easy. I wish everyone could understand how much our past affects our future.

Heather Kunz

...Professional, Caring, and Extremely Talented Therapist!

“Ed is a professional, caring, and extremely talented therapist. He understood what I was going through and worked tirelessly to help me get to the place I wanted to get to.”

Chaim Andruiser

...quickly helped me dissolve any discomfort and distrust of people... able to immediately recognize repetitive and destructive behaviors and eliminate them.

Antonia Clark - Durango, CO

Ed's coaching is absolutely incredible!!!

My life literally has transformed with his work...

Kristen Hetzel, Ph.D. - Actress/Professional Athlete

Worked through the communication roadblocks...

Ed's relationship coaching has helped to significantly be more emotionally connected in my marriage...

Marietta Linney - Durango, CO

"No More Debilitating Episodes..."

“I came to Ed because of sudden panic attacks that would literally cause me to pass-out in public. After 4 years of not being able to solve it, going the medical path, and becoming more and more reclusive, a friend suggested Ed. After 4 months Ed actually encouraged me to ween off the coaching and to trust that I was ready. Sure enough. That was a year ago and I have not looked back and have had no more debilitating episodes.”

Tim Sammons

Ed's Coaching Has Made A Big Impact...

Coaching with Ed has made a big impact in my life. I'm now more open to people and experiences, less defensive, feel closer to my father, better relationship with my son, less judgmental, more energetic, less depressed and anxious, more focused on joy and I now know what I want in a relationship.

Susan Eliason

...a much clearer sense of purpose...

My work with Ed has been powerful, impactful, and engaging. He's help me to gain a much clearer sense of purpose and vision while also providing some very practical tools for managing relationships at home and work. With just over two months of coaching, I feel like I have transformed my perspective, my personal relationships, and best of all, my relationship with myself. I feel happier and more balanced than I ever have, ready to live my life deeply and contribute something meaningful.

Bill Hefferman - Org Development Expert

Ed's coaching is absolutely incredible!!!

I have worked extensively with Ed at various points in my life and his coaching is absolutely incredible!!! My life literally has transformed with his work and I use the tools and strategies I have learned from him on a daily basis to better and more consciously navigate my life, its decisions, and relationships.

Kristen Hetzel, Ph.D. - Actress/Professional Athlete

...lacked close emotional connection with others...

Ed's coaching has helped me tremendously in my relationship with myself, my kids and especially my wife. So much of my life I have been defensive and sometimes selfish and lacked close emotional connections with others. Ed's guidance has given me the ability to understand my unconscious behavior and the effect it can have on me, my kids, and my wife. I highly recommend Ed's relationship coaching for any man wanting to have more enriching relationships with his spouse and children.

Keith Linney - Sales Manager

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