Relationship Resources

Here you can access healthy relationship resources – my best information products and software. These are my best practices, insights, strategies and ideal formats for learning everything that is essential for having extraordinary relationships...especially the one with yourself.

100+ Ways To Get Back On The Horse: This practical fast answer relationship resource will get you “unstuck” when you feel emotionally challenge. Contains 100+ relationship solutions from the best resilience experts in the world. Time tested, it will become your “turn to” guide before you spend a dime on therapy. Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Apple iBook Store

The Ultimate How To Stop Fighting Words And Phrases Library – Stop wasting time with trial-and-error tactics trying to say the right thing when you are on the verge of being triggered into a fight or argument. This relationship resources guide nails it and provides spot on phrases that will lead you to the best out come possible in the 10 most dire situation couples face. Most importantly it’s providing a template for you to effortlessly learn the pattern of speaking perfectly in ANY situation.

How To Stop Fighting And Arguing Mastery System – As the title suggest, this video based process is about communicating in a way that people feel heard, loved, and respected (and you will be seen as pretty awesome for knowing how to do this for the rest of your life…) It's the ultimate relationship solution guide if you need better communication skills. You will have more passion, love, and daily romance by following this precise step-by-step process for maintaining a love, trust, and intimacy when differences or wrongfully assumed thoughts emerge. [Read More...]

Getting Relationship Right System – Is the collective wisdom of dozens of the top relationship experts from around the globe. Distilled from over 20 years of research this on-line video based program provides the necessary steps to attract and sustain high quality relationships. Of all the relationship resources out there this one will quickly see it's way to the top because of it's simplicity and precision. There is 0 wasted time in each video. From communication skills, unplugging unconscious destructive patterns, completing past experiences so they stop leaking into your current situation,  to life changing exercises...it's all here. [Read More...]

Family Constellation Experience – For over 40 years family constellations have been a "first priority" form of therapy in Europe thanks to the genius Bert Hellinger. As a Catholic priest, Bert studied in Africa with the tribes for over 25 years. What he learned and refined since that time is life changing for anyone who participates in this process. With the Family Constellation group process you gain immediate access to unconscious patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation. You can only shift these patterns by seeing them and that is exactly what the Family Constellation process does..reveals the hidden truth about what is motivating you that is no longer serving you. By using this process you speed your recovery and make sure you are focusing your therapy on the core issue and not symptoms. [Read More]

Relationship Coaching – 20 years ago I started on my own relationship healing journey. I've learned from some of the best and with daily client sessions I continue to refine the art of healing. I'm known for getting to the core issue in a rapid fashion. I think this is because I realized a long time ago it's our unique memory system that holds the keys to behavior that underpins our frustrations of not getting relationships to work. When we bring awareness to these unconscious patterns, the lights come on, and we begin a unique relationship with life itself. Over time you will see what is motivating you and drift back on course with ease and flow... [Read More]