If you are a couple that has regular bouts of fighting and arguing… the few minutes it takes to read this web page could save you months or years of frustration maybe even (ugh!) divorce!

Couples “Caught Cold” Are Scratching Their Head ...Too Soon Into The Marriage

“Newbie” couples continue to fight and argue and the divorce statistic continues to rise…

ed ferrigan

From the desk of Ed Ferrigan

Creator Of The How To Stop Fighting And Arguing System

Dear Discouraged Couple,

You're probably expecting a sales pitch on the next "Best thing" to solve your relationship woes… … or how if you just do “X” or “Y” or say this or that you'll get the man or woman you married back.

And how if you just send away for my bag of "proven" relationship tricks you'll find yourself free of fighting and arguing once and for all and your kids can finally be at ease.

Well get ready to be shocked – because instead of giving you a bunch of BS about how to be "that perfect couple", I'm going to rip it to shreds. Without mercy!

Truth be known:

It wasn't until I stopped wanting the other person to change that my relationship turned around!

Let me explain…

Whether you been together for years and fighting or recently married and beginning to argue a lot… You'll never shift the dynamic, ever, until you wrap your mind around this:

Secure Love Relationship = Reflection + Responsibility + Requests + Reality

Having a relationship that is loving, respectful, and secure… Or even just saying the right things at the right time… begins long before you ever say “Will you go out with me?” and ends well after you say “I Do.”

It's a process… and because most couples don't understand this process, they end up blowing it and become a statistic. Couples get jerked around by the "solution of the day" by the tabloids or (gulp) even best friends. Or if you're winging it – god forbid…

So let's cut to the chase, and I'll give you the process…

Successful couples communication is nothing more than reflecting on what you are hearing… taking responsibility for your interpretation… taking responsibility for what you do with that information… decide if you want or need anything… then accepting the reality and implications of the answer or response.

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That's it!

If you struggle with why s/he behaves the way they do… Why they seem so cold and distant… Why they don’t seem to listen… seem so immature… why they throw out mind blowing comments… stopped being affectionate… it's because you're missing something in one or more of these four areas.

Either you're hearing the wrong message… making an inaccurate meaning out of it… ...not testing out inferences and assumptions being made... not knowing or asking for what you need… or not accepting the truth of "what is.”

If you can systematically strengthen your abilities in the four areas it will lead to inspiring results. I call it my How To Stop Fighting And Arguing system. More on that in a moment. For now allow me to show you…

Suppose you're newly married within the past five years.

Stop right now and ask yourself something:

What are you doing proactively to gain mastery over successful communication?

Now listen up, even if you're just starting to fight more please don't tune out. The same principles will apply.

If you're like most couples trying to make a good life together you try all kinds of ways to keep the peace and be that ideal partner.

Not wanting to think this could be an issue, you blow off a remark or comment that was kind of like ripping off a scab – it hurts but you don't want to rock the boat – you don’t say anything.

Maybe you approach with a perfectly friendly tone only to be ignored or righteously appeased in some way… or maybe you make subtle threats but that goes no where either…

You might even be trying special words and phrases your therapist equipped you with only to be ridiculed as using "therapy" on them.

To you're surprise there's more to just following someone else's advice right?

… it's probably not working as well as you expected, or you wouldn't be reading this.

If you had my system you'd know exactly what to do about it.

You’d hold your strategies up to the How To Stop Fighting And Arguing strategies and you’d see they’re fatally flawed.

Then you'd systematically change your approach and watch your “Likes” count go up so fast it would make you do a happy dance… until your partner is so excited they want to get married again!

How do I know? Simple. I’ve been following the system for years – long before I began sharing it with clients and it’s ended or prevented more arguments than ever thought possible. And it's saved hundreds of marriages…

Before I started using it I would find myself in an argument every few days. No harmony, no joy, only familiar despair!

When I discovered it, everything changed. My intimacy factor skyrocketed and I literally can now see my brain in action moment-by-moment and immediately question my intentions before anything comes out of my mouth…

I listen to seek more information rather than how I'm being blamed…

I now ask powerful questions regardless of how I think someone will respond.

I'm able to accept at face value someone's behavior without working so hard at changing them…

I'm betting you get what I mean?

Now I use the skills everywhere: with friends… family… new clients… interviews… when people are upset and when around groups of people (This used to be a huge issue for me). I'm authentic and no longer "shrink to what I think" will appease everyone.

So this is not some fancy pants "join my dating site" ploy. It's a systematic process that you repeat over and over again that is timeless… predictable… and life changing. It can be adapted to any situation and used by anyone who wants it bad enough.

And I’ve proven it in all of my relationships: intimate, friendship, family, and work-life.

Working with hundreds of clients over the past 20 years has allowed me to tweak and refine it even more.

And because I know the pain of this #2 killer of marriages, it’s become my passion to share this powerful knowledge with other couples who deserve to live outside the curse like you.

It’s not about throwing one technique after another at the other person. It’s about following a process that is repeatable, predictable, and reliable for communication that resolves the heart of the dilemma which is your unconscious mind.

You can use it to resolve all your relationship issues – far faster – and more accurately and with the precision of a sharp shooter.

Here is another secret:

Thinking the other person is the problem is "old-school" and a dead-end street!

The How to Stop Fighting & Arguing System will make this so clear you’d think you’d died and gone to heaven when you have the aha moment!

And I can't take full credit though. Hundreds (probably thousands now…) of brilliant and meticulous researchers confirm what is clearly laid out for you in this program.

It's reliable, repeatable, and can be used by anyone who is serious. You can use it to be a world-class communicator, keep your intimacy intact, teach your children how lovers should handle differences, increase job satisfaction and probably most important – get deeply connected to your values and how you get and stay deeply connected to your partner.

So here it is:

The secret to communicating so you can predictably navigate any relationship challenges that emerge!

Listen, if you're still afraid to speak up… find yourself telling your friends about it… are asking questions in the web forums… or just fed up with the dynamic… it's no wonder you are worried what might happen.

Your not using the right strategy. You're communicating a message that plays right into your partners unconscious dilemma.

In the short term you can make a good meal… do some exotic turn-on sex dance… buy gifts… or even have another child (yes, unfortunately, a common reason people have more children!) And It won't change a thing.

Sure you might get a few more smiles, a little more sex, a few more nights out… but like a candle in the wind it won't last.

Peoples patterns run deep… it's a guarantee you or your partner is going to get triggered… you'll lash out and say something you'll regret… You'll go from heaven to hell in a single look or a comment.


Because you're not following a process or system. It’s like you have a big sign on your forehead that say’s "Say something mean to me so I can feel rejected..." or “Find fault with me so I can see how bad I really am” or “Run away from this conversation so I can pout about it for days” or “Be mean to me so I can finally get pissed off and tell you where to shove it” … just like every other bickering couple who are misinformed and unconsciously apply coping strategies rather than strategies that work.

By contrast the How To Stop Fighting And Arguing System will show you how to be in the position of power and awareness… the kind of person your lover would run into a burning house without hesitation to hold you close and protect you with his/her life. How?

The million-dollar secret: when you stop playing into each others unconscious motives, desires and uninformed beliefs – fear based reactions go away... then you can then experience each other's juicy true nature.

For 99% Of Couples Out There The Unconscious Is Running The Show!

This solves 99% of relationship issues!

Are you even getting a niggling of what I’m saying?

Now let me ask you: if you're constantly juggling the “why” and “what do I do next time” thoughts – does it seem like you have a conscious bead on the right solution? Heck no!

How how on earth can a dynamic change when neither person feels heard… or when ridiculed, sarcasm, or contempt are the menu of the moment… Or one person races to the victim, blamer, or rescuer position… It's a treadmill that makes divorce attorneys millions every year!

It’s masochistic!

Do this instead: Apply the formula up above… listen to your lover and ask what they mean… put the skids on your knee-jerk reaction… check in to see what you are wanting what they are wanting and what you can live with or not…

Now who's in the driver seat?

Result: Instant respect (if not your relationship is in bigger trouble than you think)… revealing conversations that create intimacy… new perspectives that set a new foundation for success… more awareness of how the unconscious is running the relationship. You directed the conversation as a team not your unconscious triggers running the show.

This is exactly what the How To Stop Fighting And Arguing program gives you…

Now there’s more to it than that of course…

Bill Hefferman
  • You have to know the secret of listening to get to the underlying need
  • You have to know how to interrupt your knee-jerk reactions so you don't lose momentum you've been gaining
  • You have to know the secrets of questioning the meaning people have on their behavior
  • You have to know the secrets to changing your unconscious patterns you automatically default to an don't often question.(Like a fish and water people don't know to even question themselves)
  • You have to know how to identify your inferences and assumptions that fire off instantly when your partner says or does something
  • You have to know how to identify your unconscious intentions that 99% of the time are based on faulty unconscious conclusions we instantly made
  • You have to know what you are wanting and asked for it and know what to do if you're refused or disregarded

All of the How To Stop Fighting And Arguing principles apply when you understand.

Do you see the power of what I'm saying here?

Stay with me…

The vast majority of couples that are stuck in the arguing and fighting dynamics are wasting precious time

There is simply no need for it.

Relationship science has figure this stuff out…

…people with blinders won't see it – right in front of them.

They don't have a system that works and builds momentum the more they use it.

But I'll let you in on a little secret:

You do not need to be a relationship Einstein to have long-lasting predictable intimacy and security.

You need a practical system to follow. Nothing is more important in your life than your relationships.

Here's why: when you have my How To Stop Fighting And Arguing system working for you, you have the power to solve virtually all of the nagging communication problems that prevent most couples from making it long-term.

You have the power to instantly change your response because my system teaches you the right thinking process that gets to the heart of what matters, creating closeness and that loving feeling again. You have the power to disarm knee-jerk reactions and slowing your unconscious assumptions and inferences down so there's no more contributing to the bigger issue.

My program resolves fighting dynamics once and for all when you listen with the right intentions… Get to the deeper meaning… Able to set healthy boundaries… Recognize what you are wanting or needing… Know how to ask for what you want… See how you’re maybe contributing…. And taking immediate action to get back into integrity.

It’s pure freedom!

Think about that for a moment. Every time you listen well and respond well you're closer to having more intimate moments in your life period. No one can take that from you.

And the spinoff that affects friends and family makes the process priceless.

Nothing is left to chance. You’ll have everything laid out in a simple step-by-step do-this-then-that fashion that allows you to excel quickly.

My How To Stop Fighting And Arguing System is the world’s first process for producing couples communication breakthroughs!
It's unlike anything you've ever experienced…?

Module 1: Fast Track Starter

In Module 1 I take you by the hand and give you the “high level” overview of the practices so you can begin supercharging your communication skills on all of your next “difficult” conversations. Here is a small sampling of what you’ll discover:

Linda Aldridge Testomonial
  • 7 core secrets that will laser focus your thinking during critical moments when you get triggered so you can get immediate improvements rather than to react the old way
  • The #1 reason people stay stuck in fighting dynamics and how to prevent it for the rest of your life - guarantee yourself more success in all your relationships
  • 3 “hidden steps” to permanently changing old beliefs you didn’t even know existed that are so obvious you’ll be pissed someone didn’t share it with you before now
  • 2 life changing exercises that will immediately shorten long learning curve most programs require
  • 6 new beliefs that will become your future touchstone to guarantee safety and leapfrog your success for any conflict that happens anytime
  • 4 responsibility commitments that will send your natural but unchallenged fears running for the hills. With these precise directions you instantly get your power back so you are consciously running the show not the background of your unconscious mind
  • Another timeless practice that takes all the guesswork out of how to maneuver your thoughts during a potential fighting or arguing situation. It ends arguments dead in its tracks…
  • And of course there are little nuggets of gold sprinkled through out each video segment that will accelerate your learning

This video is short, to the point, and follows a workbook. It was designed to get to the point rapidly so you can implement immediately for faster results without all the details. Other modules break the system down step-by-step.

Module 2: How To Stop Arguing And Fighting For The Rest Of Your Life

This whole module was designed to give you the exact tools to unplug the unconscious mind and to put you back in control of choices that exists moment-by-moment so you stop doing foolish things that costs thousands in therapy to sort out.

  • Timeless exercises-practices will permanently change your awareness so there is no guessing how to end fighting dynamics
  • Teaches the #1 tool for stopping the knee jerk reaction to your partners comments or behaviors so you can maintain control of the situation and not make it worse
  • Life changing communication method that puts you in control when your you suddenly realize your heading down a destructive path
  • Learn “The Commitment” strategy for unplugging the unconscious. Cuts through the chase of endless years wondering why you keep failing

Never again will you be wondering what you did “wrong” or what to do next. Through repetition and reflection in no time at all you will see the genius of these strategies to “unplug” unconscious dynamics that all along were sabotaging your relationships.

Module 3: The Ultimate Library For Interrupting Your Knee Jerk Response

Learning how to interrupt your knee jerk reaction is like fanning the flame to permanently changing fighting dynamics. In this module we deep dive into what causes it and solve this riddle.

  • Teaches the #1 fast-acting process for uncovering unconscious beliefs, habits, and patterns holding you back
  • Frameworks for getting you comfortable with new priceless skills guaranteeing you responses that consistently works
  • Identifies successful communication traits and how to best communicate your needs for your situation so you feel heard
  • Practice exercises that accelerate adoption so you can get back the love of your life
  • Time tested and bullet proofed exercises from the experts - the fastest way to guarantee success
  • Makes you conscious of how past experiences are like a loaded gun in your unconscious mind and how to disarm them permanently
  • See when fear is running the show and how to bridle it so you spontaneously and elegantly make positive choices in the moment
  • Reflective practices that cultivate sage-like expertise immediately put you back in the drivers seat in the most dire situations
  • Melts away defensive behavior so you are quick to notice then take advantage of new choices in the moment you might not otherwise see if you were defensive
  • Playful little trick enrolling others to give you a significant learning advantage when others struggle with how to remember new tools
  • And much, much more...

Module 4: Core Practices That Bring It All Together

All along you’ve been absorbing the intricate and later obvious steps to getting your needs met and feeling the love mojo again, eliminating the struggle that eats away at relationships. Module four is like a dose of steroids to the formula. Here is just a taste of what you will get:

  • Video 4.1 I’m showing you the smorgasbord of healthy communication options so you are empowered when “stuff” happens… which it always does. Most people have great intentions to work things out… I’m sure you are one of those people… but let’s make sure you’re using proven processes.
  • Video 4.2 I’m showing you how to not take things personally. Imagine being able to hear anything, remain curious, and be unscathed by others nonsense. If you’re ill equipped to handle others baggage you’ll continue to be like a buoy in the ocean without an anchor. Get this and you’ll feel a sense of relationship confidence you never thought possible.
  • Video 4.3 I’m showing you listening filters. You’re seeing first hand how your listening filters are affecting all of your communication – for better for worse. Before you know it, you’ll be noticing how people trigger you and immediately take control of how you listen so you are unscathed.
  • Exercises you’re getting will turn you into a master listener in short order and will ensure a shorter distance between having more romance and flirtatious moments rekindling your love. (And by the way with your membership I continue to add to these exercises so you have the latest)
  • And much, much more…

Module 5: Scientific Results Are Proven By Hundreds (Yes, Not a Couple) Of Researchers

This is not only exciting for me but imagine being handed the golden key to relationships. You can have it. Module 5 removes skepticism and gives you essential pearls on developmental trauma, neuroscience, and attachment research…the hottest study areas worldwide. This is the stuff that is going on behind the scenes so you know why the new beliefs and exercise work. With this knowledge you will turbocharge your learning and hit your goals like the winning horse in the Kentucky Derby.

  • HTSFA brings the science to your table with facts on what causes humans to absorb experiences as children and play out unconscious patterns for years to come. It’s the difference between someone handing you a fish (assuming you like fish) and teaching you how to fish. You’ll finally break the code to why your partner is the way they are…
  • 3 scientific reasons that prove why the HTSFA process works assuring you of not wasting precious time on “witch-doctor” solutions. Your confidence surges as you grasp the magnitude of what’s possible beyond even this ridiculously affordable program.
  • Insecurity is a thing of the past once you embody the principles you will get beginning day one. Yes, I wont kid you or gloss over that it takes time to take on new ideas and patterns of thinking, but how good does it feel to know it’s not wasted time.
  • Again much, much more…

Module 6: Regaining and Maintaining Trust Is Like Having The Holy-Grail To Relationships

Picture yourself seeing relationships from a perspective where it all begins to make sense and you can see the trees through the forest. Even better, see the acorn from the tree! You must understand how to build and maintain trust to get this. I will lay out the blueprint here.

Ely Testimonial
  • Redefines what integrity is and makes you the torch bearer of what a solid commitment means and how to sustain it.
  • Eliminate blame and other relationship traps that suck you down into the quagmire of tit-for-tat arguments that go nowhere but divorce court.
  • Your choice of words will be like kryptonite was to superman – no more days and nights filled with disgust, hurtfulness, and worry over what caused the fight in the first place – you’ll know exactly how to unplug and decode the “outdated” dynamic. You will reek with communication intelligence and cause the other to stop and pay attention.
  • Again much, much more…

What’s Resolving On Going Conflict With The Love Of Your Life Worth To You And Your Family?

You can have it all for just $199. Yep, I want to make it affordable to EVERYONE who wants to change the divorce statistic Americans are know for. That’s just .55 cents a day for a year for a skill that will last you a lifetime all the while drastically minimizing and maybe even eliminating a permanent breakup or God forbid – divorce.

It’s obvious I could charge more and you’re probably wondering why I don’t. It’s the 5:1 ratio dilemma...

Let me explain…

For 20 years I’ve had hundreds of people come to me who frankly could not afford my services. As I’ve gotten older I want to give back and not leave these people out.

I want the program to be affordable to everyone. I want EVERYONE to have a shot at relationship success and put the blood-sucking divorce lawyers out of business.

At this point, if you don’t see the magnitude of the long term problem I’m solving with the How To Stop Fighting And Arguing Program, it’s probably not meant for you.

  • But if the cost of the program is in your way it wouldn’t hurt to point out that cutting back on one extra weekly expense like a Starbucks latte could pay for it in no time…
  • If you plan on counseling or therapy you will pay for it in two visits… use this as a rocket boosting game changing opportunity to achieve your goals even faster.
  • The HTSFA program will only accelerate what you are learning from your counselor-coach-therapists only quite possibly focus you more on the essentials so you waste no time and save money.

This program is made up of steps and processes designed by the biggest relationship geniuses of our time who have studied and tested this for 80+ years.

  • My clients are not the only ones that have success. This program is made up of steps and processes designed by the best researchers and therapists in the world who have studied this for 30-40 years. There are thousands of people who have tested these tools and proven their success.
  • The geniuses of our time like Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, John Gottman, Allan Shore, Daniel Siegel, Susan Johnson, John Grey, Gary Zukov, Peter Levine, Lou Cozolino, and dozens of others that contributed.
  • Neuroscientist, trauma experts, body centered psychologist, attachment theory specialist…. all profound experts in their field I’ve learned from and practice with.

Your going to know how to…

  • Put an end to fights and get your lover back and all the perks that come with it
  • Interrupt any knee jerk response and take the high road so no matter what your partner does or says you remain in integrity so you don’t sell yourself out
  • What to do at each stage of the communication process so you stop floundering or using outdated mental models
  • Identify the show stopper behaviors going on between the two of you and know exactly how to handle them
  • Hear things without taking things personally
  • Slow your experience down enough to see what is causing your reaction so you can change it immediately
  • Understand, beyond the shadow of a doubt, how you are contributing to your partner behaving the way they do (Hint: it may be out of your control and you just have not truly accepted that yet! or…)

It’s a priceless investment for all of your relationships with the security of knowing it’s a proven model extracted by the best researchers and therapists in the world.

For an investment equal to a couple of dates or counseling sessions you get an evergreen solution available to you 24 hours a day for one small fee.

Ends the day-to-day struggle of worry of how will this dynamic ever stop.

And the upside is priceless.

And with my unconditional money back guarantee you have absolutely 0 risk. Here is what you get so you don’t EVER have to worry about making a bad decision:


You Get a 30 Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program then just send me an email and I will refund the money. That's it!

What You'll Get When You Sign Up Today:

  • 6 Modules That Will Guide You To End The Curse Of Arguing And Fighting - Forever!
  • 24/7 Viewing So You Have It At Your Fingertips When Needed
  • Proven Exercises Of Over 20 Of The Top Researchers In The Relationship Industry To Assure You Are Learning The Latest And Best Tools
  • Proven Model So You Don't Waste Time
  • The No Risk 30 day money back guarantee
  • And much, much more...

All For Only $199...