Give me $2 and I'll save you a ton of time...

Introducing Great To Do List Software For The iPhone And iPad

The Simple And Uncluttered To Do List Manager For People Who Want Less Stress And Be More Productive

Dear Savvy Business Leader,

Great To Do List 1.3 enhances an already simple to use tool for the person who does not like clutter but enjoys simplicity and practicality. Ready for the new iPad and iPhone retina display enjoy crisp graphics, external keyboard support and more.

When we designed Great To Do List we had 3 criteria:

  1. Simple To Use
  2. Not overloaded with features
  3. Can be used for projects and transfer data via email

What was born out of this criteria was a really useful to do list manager that is used among managers in many organizations to quickly plot out a project and keep people up to date within seconds.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Individuals who want electronic simplicity when tracking task or small projects
  • Individuals who need to only track the top few task and prioritize quickly
  • If you need to email anyone the list so they can see what you are up to and even import it into their Great To List Manager

This new version of it's Great Do To List iPad and iPhone software now includes:

  • External keyboard support
  • New toolbar was added to keyboard for improved task
  • Retina HD Support
  • Cosmetic update with a more modern look and feel
  • New tips on how to create templates

Great To Do List is a simple yet powerful project management software on the iPad and iPhone for people who want to quickly make a list of task for any project and separate the top 2-3 critical task. Great for individuals who want a simplified way to remove the clutter in their minds or managers in small businesses who want to communicate priorities to other team members. It's simple and straight forward. You can find the NEW 1.3 on the apple App store.

Get Great To Do List Today!

  • Enjoy less clutter in your to do list
  • Quickly update others on progress via email
  • Place emotional weight on importance of task
  • Get the most out of your iPhone or iPad
  • For the person who wants simple, uncluttered, task management
  • All for less than $2