Not Making Good Decisions Can Be Expensive. It Costs Me $200,000! Let Me Show You How That Will Never Happen To You With This Simple Piece Of Software That's Under $10...

Dear Savvy Investor:

If you are at all interested in making a simple little shift in your thinking to save a lot of money then keep reading...

Do You Want To:

  • Not look back at a decision and scratch your head and be asking yourself…”what happened?”
  • Minimize risk and make better decisions so you don’t have all those nigly thoughts spinning in your head giving you less stress and better sleep?
  • Simply be a better decision maker…respected as an astute decision maker for family and work?
  • Profit through better decisions? (hint: small but bad decisions add up)
  • Save a complex decision then be able to retrieve it later so you don't have to rethink of all the variables that need to be considered?
  • Make a simple low cost investment that will pay you back over and over again?

Better thinking creates better decisions which create better results. I had to learn this the hard way.

A Bad Decision That Nearly Broke Me...

A few years back I purchased a home when the market was at the beginning of the crash.

Even though the signs of "high risk" were right in my face I couldn't see them. I thought my job was secure but looking back I missed the obvious signs.

After I lost the job I made more mistakes…..actually I kept making mistake after mistake….not seeing the bigger picture.

I was mortified and ashamed... Eventually, I sold the home in a short sale losing all of my $200,000 investment and most of my personal savings….nearly all of it. 20 years of savings…GONE.

At 50 years old it was a wake-up call.​

When the dust settled, I reflected on what I could have done different. That question led me to the idea of creating Great Decisions Software.

I thought to myself, “why not use my iPhones or iPad to help me make better decisions and even help me save money?”

I knew just the tool. With some slight variations it would even be more powerful in electronic I partnered with a programmer and we went to work and developed Great Decisions.​

With Great Decisions you can not only make better decisions you can possibly save a ton of money and not make "the big mistake" like I did.

For a few bucks you can save…maybe even thousands of dollars.

You'll see what I mean when you use it a few times…. especially on complex decisions that have a lot of variables.

Let’s take the force field analysis tool. On one side you ask the question "what is motivating me to make this decision?" and on the other side you ask "what is stopping me?"

As you keep asking these questions, tracking the variables, and putting an emotional weight on it, you start to see the layers that you would not have thought of otherwise.

Takes seconds to input…but a lifetime of insight!

This is where I made my mistake…I was trying to juggle too many variables and frankly got overwhelmed from stresses that were stacking up.

When you can visually see the variables versus trying to store them in your head there is more head space to see the hidden variables.

Talking to others, we get too overwhelmed these days trying track important decisions in our head.

The risk is just too high.

This little app clears the noize in my head...

Apple App Store

By the way, the two tools in Great Decisions, Force Field Analysis and Comparison, are tools we've used manually for years so there is no learning curve.

I found this app very helpful in a career change. My decision involved many layers that were spinning in my head...

Apple App Store

You can immediately begin using it to sort out simple or complex decisions. If you are a manager you can also plug it into an overhead or plug your iPad into your large screen to sort out variables with your team then instantly email the group with a final diagram of what you discussed even to the people who were not there.

Nicely done interface that doesn't encumber the thought process. The simplicity of the app is a bit decieving...

Apple App Store

So whether you are a small business entrepreneur, a manager moving up in the company, a powerhouse CEO or a level headed person who likes technology, Great Decisions was meant to make you quicker at making good decisions and save you from making a lot of costly mistakes.

I Recommend Great Decisions If:

  • You want to clear your mind of so many decisions
  • You want to think through complex, big ticket decisions, and possibly save thousands of dollars
  • You want to make confident decisions and feel good about the layers you've uncovered that could have cost you, had you not considered them
  • You want to pull your team together and make the best possible decision and communicate the results clearly (Airplay to a large monitor and brainstorm with everyone)
  • Archive important decisions and quickly access them on future decisions

I Don't Recommend It If:

  • You like to juggle thoughts and many decisions in your head
  • You don't have an iPhone, iPod or iPad
  • You don't mind the risk of big decisions that could cost you thousands of dollars
  • You prefer to use pen and paper
  • Could care less about saving a big decision for later use
  • Archive important decisions and quickly access them on future decisions

The Choice Is Simple...

Get the software and begin using it.

If you are like me and many others it could pay for itself many times over depending on the kinds of choices you are making.

Download And Start Making Better Decisions Today!

Great Decisions is an excellent value and quite possibly, with a single decision, can save you thousands of dollars. For the cost of a couple of latte's it will feel good to know you had this handy little tool at your side when you made the decision that saved you big. Don't waste another second. Click the button below and download it and put in all your current decisions that may cost you big if you don't see all the variables.

To Get You Off To a Good Start Click Here To Download the Template Guide

You won't regret it. In fact you may even save a bit of money. How good will that feel...

Think about it….one major decision cost me $200,000 and I consider myself to be pretty aware…yes I know it's humbling….but it won't happen again.

I don't want you to make this same mistake. Use Great Decisions and then tell us your story of how it helped you and saved you big bucks and made your life easier.

Now press the button below to go to the App Store and get your copy. Within minutes you can free up your mind and be making better decisions. then be sure to return here and register for your other money and time saving bonuses.

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