Couples Effective Listening Skills – Listening Filters

Listening skills

Today, I’m going to talk about effective listening skills. I want to give you a couple of tips that you can use for the rest of your life. In particular, we will talk about listening filters. Listening Filters are one of the most essential communication skills you can learn. You will especially benefit if you are […]

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The Benefits of Removing Resistance To Life Experiences

Resistance to learning is a major barrier to life success

There is a flaw in most people’s learning model. It has been culturally “wired” into us. One pathway to optimal learning is to look at resistance we have throughout our day. Resistance is a portal to more ease and flow in all your relationships. This article explores how letting go of resistance can increase your daily joy and happiness.

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The Ultimate Guide to End Arguing And Fighting

Learning how to communicate is healthy....

Why We Argue and Fight?To understand the real reason couples argue and fight you’ll want to know about what happens to our brains in the first few years of life. (NOTE: Don’t worry I’ll make it simple to understand so you can finally get a handle on this – permanently. Check out the 60–Minutes special […]

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