Fast-Tracking Your Ability to Create What You Want In Life

Reaching your goals

In this article we will talk about the importance vision statements for getting clear about whatever we are wanting to manifest. I will share three important reasons for writing vision statements so that you can be more motivated to declare what you are after and achieve success faster.

It is human nature to have both conscious and unconscious motivations behind our choices. The reality is, early life difficult experiences created many unconscious beliefs and patterns that sabotage success later in life. Sometime you can see this and other times you may think the “problem” or barrier is outside of yourself.

So there is a three-part dilemma you need to solve.

  1. To see the reality that both conscious and unconscious patterns are revealing themselves throughout the results you are getting in any given moment.
  2. To discover and shift what the unconscious pattern or belief is that causes delayed success.
  3. To see and accept you are the maker and sole creator of the choices that led to the outcome you got – even if they are unconscious.
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For example, if you are single and hear yourself saying “I always meet the guys who are uncommitted.” or “As soon as things get intimate he shuts down and won’t share his feelings.” For guys it might be “She is too emotional” or “She is high maintenance.” These are clues you are stuck in an unconscious dynamic that is running the show.

In the first example the reality is if you are always meeting guys who are uncommitted you have an unconscious pattern in you that is trying to resolve itself. You are unconsciously requiring the universe to keep sending you these kinds of people because unconsciously that is what you are asking for. The process to unwind the issue is beyond the scope of this blog but seeing the truth of what I’m saying is the initial first step to shifting the “stuck” pattern.

In my 17 years of an intense personal journey and working with hundreds of clients I know of no better way to flush up the unconscious patterns than writing a vision statement of what success looks like. The vision statement helps you with three critical issues:

  1. Facing the fact that you are either getting the result you want based on what you wrote down or you are not.
  2. It helps you to flush up the reality of what is in the way of success.
  3. It motivates you to pick more productive patterns more easily and try them out until you are successful.

The first step to busting through an old pattern is to face the result you are getting squarely and then look at what unconscious intentions are driving your bus. This requires quiet reflection and analysis. And I’m not talking about thinking everything through but rather “feeling” into the whole experience and seeing the connections between choices and outcomes. I will write a blog later on what this means in depth but for now just know its a practice to sit quietly and sort through your choices that led to the outcomes you are getting. I will emphasize it is extremely helpful to have a clear vision statement nearby about the issue you are reflecting on so that you can see and sort through details more easily. I find I also write down more in the vision statement as I see my blind-spots.

Flushing up unconscious patterns enables you to make new choices and to feel more motived to change the current behavior. If you are unwilling to look at the issue expect the same result you’ve been getting. It’s that simple.

Finally, the brain learns and changes fastest when you are willing to try new things – to do things differently. For example, rather than to defend being right or justifying your position try moving into curiosity and wonder instead. It might sound something like “hmm, I notice Im feeling defensive right now. Could you repeat what you said so I can listen better?” Seek to understand the other’s perspective.
Cat and Dog Perspective

In order to change any internal belief system the brain wants disconfirming evidence that the old way no longer serves you. To get this information you need to try something new. The other value of trying new things is you get to experience the richness of life and the myriad of ways of accomplishing any given goal. You also get to build your self esteem because when you try new things and succeed you feel good about your ability to navigate a complex world.

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Relationship expert, Ed Ferrigan, M.A., CPCC, has been helping singles, couples, managers, and teams in organizations communicate more effectively for over 20 years. Ed is author of the book 100+ Ways To Get Back On The Horse, facilitates workshops on communication skills and provides relationship coaching all over the world using web technology. Ed is a local resident of Salt Lake City, Ut, is an avid dancer, and loves fly-fishing.