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Trauma Recovery Coach Support Continued...

Trauma is an insidious disease that plagues many of our lives.

The type of trauma I’m particularly talking about here in this report is developmental trauma.

Developmental trauma refers to trauma that happens when your developmental stages, early in life, get thwarted or disrupted in some way.

For example, if your primary care-taker didn’t understand what your needs were as a small baby and the interactions caused massive amounts of high stress in your body – there is a good chance you have habituated patterns related to this issue that are working against you.

The same can go for the following:

  • Parents who had control issues

  • Emotional abuse

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Neglect

  • Dismissive behaviors by the primary caretaker

  • Anxious behaviors like being overly protective

  • Parents who loved the child but were perceived as dangerous

It's possible to develop trauma that is interferring with your life related to...

  • Conception issues like being conceived out of a rape or incest

  • Womb issues like toxicity or highly charged emotions from the mother

  • Birth adoption

  • Attempted abortion (even thinking about it for long periods of time can affect the developing baby)

  • Birthing issues like drugs being administered for inducing labor, or getting stuck in the birth canal or even C-Section

  • Separating the child from the mother at birth

  • Not being breast fed

    There are probably many other ways we get developmentally traumatized. 

    The impact it has, will also be influenced by the temperament you came in with.

    So, if you relate to any of these then you are in the right place.

    My name is Ed Ferrigan, and I’m a multi-layer trauma survivor. I know what it’s like to:

  • Live with a nervous system that was deeply stressed for the first 55 years of my life…chronic global bodily activation

  • To wonder how I would survive in a world that didn’t feel safe from the minute I was conceived

  • To live through severe womb toxicity (smoking, alcohol, prescription pills)

  • To release trauma related to a twin dying while in the womb

  • To live with neglect after birth

  • To live with unskilled parents who were neglectful, abusive, and alcoholics. (For the record, there was also love, but what we are talking about in this report is behaviors that cause trauma)

  • To live through the experience of a father suddenly dying (he was the rock in the family) and then having to take over the “fatherly” role along with an alcoholic mother and three younger brothers still at home

And I don’t tell you these things to brag or for sympathy.

I am very clear that God and I have an agreement that I was willing to go through all that I went through, so I can help others who can relate – to assist them to minimize the suffering caused by developmental trauma.

“If I can stop 1 person from having to experience what I’ve gone through then it was worth the entire journey.”

Today, I can honestly tell you, I have to pause and think deeply to even remember what happened, that’s how much I have evaporated the experiences from my memory system. 

I often jokingly admit to people I share my story with, that I’ve “re-built” my nervous system from the ground up.

And I can help you do that as well.

Like I mentioned earlier, I believe trauma is a bigger sickness in the world than medical experts can currently estimate.

The CBS 60-Minutes Special Report Oprah did in 2018 is a great example. 

When she discovered the potential extent that trauma is impacting the world, it caused her to re-direct somer her philanthropic money towards programs to heal people with trauma. [Treating childhood trauma - Oprah Winfrey 60 Minutes report - CBS News]

Since working with hundreds of traumatized people, and seeing from my own first hand experience, I have no doubt about the impact trauma is having on your life.

Trauma can be the root cause all kinds of symptoms diagnosed as something else. 

In the past 24 years of researching trauma, and reading dozens of books on it, people regularly report major diseases going away once trauma has been repaired in their nervous system.

This includes:

  • Menieres Disease

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Attachment Disorders

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Depression

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Paranoia

  • And many more…

And I'm NOT saying that healing trauma will always "repair" any of these issues. What I am saying, is there are times when we release the trauma stuck in your body and the symptoms of the diagnosis go away.

Today, there are many trauma healing modalities. I can’t say one is better than the other because I have not tried them all.

What I can report, is no matter what the modality, if a therapist has not gone through what they are trying to heal with someone else, they will not be as effective as a healer who has gone through it.

I find the combination of empathy, insights, and strength I acquired going through my own healing process, makes all the difference in the world in how fast someone will heal. 

Yet, trauma healing can be a slippery slope…

Trauma healing success comes from the facilitator being able to sense where you are at in your activation levels.

Imagine a bell curve. At the top of the bell curve is your peak emotional state related to whatever is happening to you that is causing the trauma in the first place. 

As a child, you are not born with the ability to regulate very well. You depend on the primary caretaker to help “train” your nervous system to respond appropriately to stressful situations.

To help you to get past the peak of that bell curve in a healthy way.

All the baby knows is how to do is cry for attention. If the primary caretaker doesn’t recognize or attune well, that baby’s natural instincts with begin to dissociate when the energy becomes too much. 

The brain literally goes into a “freeze” state in an attempt to minimize the potential for pain associated with the fear of annihilation.

This is where the damage is done. The baby never fully resolves the “high-energy” dilemma. The energy is now stuck in the nervous system inhibiting a healthy response.

Now imagine this happening over-and-over again until it’s “hard-wired” in the person’s nervous system. It can literally seem impossible to the person experiencing it that there is any possible way of healing it.

People will keep coping patterns in place until the psyche can no longer suppress it. Many people begin re-experiencing these “high-energy” moments in what we call Mid-Life Crisis. 

The question is then, how do we identify the glitch and repair it?

So my job, as the trauma healing facilitator, is to help you activate your nervous system to the point just before dissociation (or other coping patterns kick in) and assist you to bring in new information that helps to reorganize the energy. 

Many times this means discharging, other times it can mean following an incomplete impulse or both, and sometimes it can simply being present with “what-is” and notice you don’t die or explode into a million pieces (which is what it feels like to a baby). 

Once we re-train your nervous system you are back in control and the body begins to reorganize around healthy self-regulation.

When these old “walls” are removed you will naturally move into spontaneous calm and peace. Imagine for a moment living life from this place? I’m living proof it can happen.

There are many tools I have that can help you.

To get you started I highly recommend downloading one of my FREE guides called The 10-Second Self Soothing Guide To Healing Trauma. It's actually a small book and it loaded with a whole program you can start immediately and get relief.

This life-changing tool will touch on many principles in the world-renown Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and many other experts. This tool contains practice that are designed to be simple and straight forward, so you get off to a good start as you begin your healing journey.

Most importantly, you'll get immediate relief and be able to start making sense out of your situation.

Another resource, is my world-class trauma coaching-healing program. You can try a sample by scheduling a 60-minute FREE session with me HERE

This link will initially take you to a form. Take a moment and complete the form so we can get you optimal results in your first session. After you complete the form, you will be taken to the calendar to book your appointment.

I’m looking forward to having you as part of the tribe.

Please contact me if you have any questions. That information is below.

Many blessings,

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