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Ed Ferrigan Coaching Will Assist You In Designing Your Ideal Life And Guide You To Resolving Any Unconscious Blocks In The Way Permanently

World Class Life Coaching Process, Results You Can Count On…

Life coaching can be one of the best investments of your life. When done right, a professional life coach can help you break through any limiting belief or hidden trauma (What most coaches don’t understand) that is preventing you from achieving your life goals.

If you are an introspective person who may have had therapy or life coaching in the past and understand the value of accountability and having a person to gently remind you of your goals or to process incomplete traumatic memories, then Ed Ferrigan Coaching may be the perfect fit for you. Let’s take a look…

When Mediocrity is Not An Option For You

Staying stuck in the quagmire of mediocrity is a regretful way to spend your precious time on the earth.

You’ll know if this is you because your heart will hurt.

As you reflect on your life,  you may feel heavy, and notice a ping of sadness and the yearning for connection to something greater than your current circumstances.

When you look around the room you recognize you are not really sure what you are doing here. Some part of you feels alone even with all the people around you.

Yet, a part of your mental mind is so unfamiliar with what to do about it...

...who to trust

...what beliefs to hang on to or which ones to let go of

...like a governor on a big truck you slow yourself down.

To make matters worse, we justify and have excuses to avoid changing it...

...the unknown wins.

So how do we change it to get back your mojo…

Disconfirm Your Fears...

Maybe it’s time to end this madness and take a little chance? Consider right now that there is a way to go slow yet with precise enough steps that you can easily trust the new information to guide you on your path to fulfillment? With curiosity and commitment you can achieve whatever your heart desires.

With the Ed Ferrigan Coaching program you’ll get a precise formula to guide you. You’ll feel held and supported all along the journey.

Ed Ferrigan Client Testimonial


I was referred to Ed when I was experiencing some challenging life events and wanted to learn how to better handle them. Ed gave me new ways to think about life and emotional processes that brought peace to everyday stresses.

Peter Seelig Portland, OR

Get Your Conscious and Unconscious Mind Lined Up...

Address the relationship with yourself first and you’ll soon see how your unconscious mind is constantly influencing you. Your memory system is at the root of all your beliefs and habits. When you understand how it works, and how to identify limiting beliefs or skills, you are back in control of your destiny.

I will show you exactly how to disconnects from these unconscious directives and get back conscious control.

With this knowledge, and the tools to change it, you will quickly realize how easily your dreams can come true. Getting your conscious and unconscious to “line up” is the key.

Next you need an advocate who has done the research and personal work to validate the fastest path to your success…

Mary Paradis testimonial for Ed Ferrigan family constellation Facillitation


Ed is truly authentic and a gifted intuitive. The combination of somatic experiencing with the family constellation process creates an incredibly safe and sacred space for transformative healing. I experienced a profound shift at a very deep level and am thrilled to welcome back my life energy!

Mary Paradis Vancouver, B.C.

Don't Take Pursuing Truth Lightly...

In the past 23 years, I’ve coached hundreds of individuals, couples, and teams on the topic of life direction, relationships, and communication. I’ve also studied with researchers who are the best in the business. 

Most importantly though, is I’ve tested the principles and practices myself since the day I started my own journey 23 years ago. I know what works from personally testing the wide array of options out there….and I practice the principles I will coach you on you daily…

Each Session Build Momentum...

I’ve also recognized, from working with hundreds of clients, what consistently gets the best results. You will get the benefit of this the minute you land on the call. We will go “deep” within minutes of our process together. Zero wasted time to reach your goals…

I’ve done this for so long, I now see the patterns and therapeutic interventions that get each and every client I serve to their goal in the fastest way possible. The results speak for themselves.

Most people coach with me for a few months then only need maintenance. Coupled with the Ed Ferrigan Life Coaching Video Program, you have an unbeatable combination.

The Ed Ferrigan Life Coaching Program is a very precise formula for getting you into a deep state of integrity with yourself.

The videos in this program allow you to work the most important aspects of getting and then staying in integrity. Through the practices, you to naturally ask deeper questions during coaching sessions giving you more value and taking far less time to resolve whatever is challenging you.

The EFC Life Skills Academy

Mod 1 Handouts

Enjoy over 20 handout resources to guide your journey…

Mod 2 Mindsets

You will dive deep into 6 key areas of mindset…

Mod 3 Habits

How to identify and quickly “re-wire” habits that work "for" you…

Mod 4 Practices

You will learn daily practices to accelerate your awareness…

Mod 5 Integrity

Six key areas of integrity will light the way to manifesting…

Mod 6 Philosophy

Guide to integrating mind, body, and spirit…

Ed Ferrigan 


Ed Ferrigan has a Masters in Psychology, and has the highest certifications in the Hendricks Method of Body Centered psychotherapy, the highest designations in the Somatic Experiencing Method and certified as a Family Constellation Facilitator. He is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach by The Coaches Training Institute. Ed is an empath and has been practicing since 1995.

In Summary You’ll Get:

  • Guidance in visioning your ideal future
  • Weekly precision coaching to address root causes of what is holding you back
  • World-Class communications training
  • High level emotional intelligence training so you can step fully into your life purpose
  • Resilience training so you can navigate any tough unconscious barriers
  • On-line private video training of life coaching principles and concepts
  • An understanding of key aspects of your biology so you can think for yourself and gain the confidence you need to come at life from deep self love…

The end result is you’ll get into alignment to achieve your dreams no matter what is unconsciously stopping you. You will be back in control of your happiness in any area of your life.

If you are interested in coaching with Ed you must first be approved through an application process. The goal is to make sure you are a good fit with his style of coaching. You will be contacted regardless if you are accepted or not.

Per Session

No need to make a bigger investment if you just need a little support.




  • 55 minute sessions
  • Recorded Zoom sessions
  • Free FaceBook Private Group Q&A
3 Pack

Affordable, without all the other...




  • Lifetime Access to the EFC Life Coaching Portal
  • Recorded Zoom Sessions
  • FREE support between sessions in a private client only portal

Time To Commit…and don't look back!

Nothing can beat commitment. 

Think about it. What have you ever accomplished without a desire and follow through? Was it always easy? No

Yet, what got you through the tough parts? Persistence and commitment.

Our brains are wired to find reasons NOT to do something different than what is familiar to us. I'm pretty sure you know this by now. But have you ever reflected on how many things you you don't do and regularly find excuses to not do? It's human nature. I do it every day.

What matters though is whether or not you can distinguish between what to commit to that can dramatically improve your life. Coaching with Ed is one of those moments. 

I look forward to talking to you when the time is right. Peace and blessings. 

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Ed Ferrigan Coaching

P.S. Questions? Go here please. Still on the fence? Try a 30 minute FREE session here and get an experience that can guide you with more accuracy.