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Relationships Can Be Difficult...Unless You Have a Proven Integrity Formula That Keeps Them On Track...

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Couples everywhere are tired of the incessant vibe of falling out of love, exhausted from the stress of poor communication, and flat out fed up with the looming shadow of divorce that meets the fate of 50% of all couples.

Tired of communication that seems to recycle the “no-where” plan?

Worried how your relationship dynamics is affecting your children?

Need more balance of giving and taking in the relationship?

Have a faint memory of what passionate or sex with meaning used to feel like?

Has the relationship mojo left or currently making a slow exit?

Are you passing down bad relationship habits to your children?

or even worse… Have any thoughts of divorce leaked into the picture lately?

If any of these have crossed your mind... brace yourself as I’m about to tell you why it doesn’t surprise me.
Ed Ferrigan and Relationship Mastery

Ok, maybe that was harsh but before you bail on me let me explain…

17 years ago I was in similar shoes only probably a lot worse. (And at 38 at the time that’s humbling to say.) If I was lucky, anyone I dated may have lasted 3 months - if I was lucky. Eventually I got to 6 months then eventually marriage only to have it blow up 3 years into it.

I call it my PhD in relationships because we literally processed our challenges from 8am until late afternoon every day for most of those 3 years. (ugh!)

Believe it or not we also had amazing skills as therapists and recently certified practitioners of the Hendricks (Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks of the Hendricks Institute) method of relationships. A world renowned program made famous by Oprah herself.

But knowing skills intellectually is very different from having the ability to implement them under times of stress and being triggered.

We were also young and immature.

Looking back it's always easier to see it...

..we had knowledge… but not a lot of practice doing it.

Eventually we parted ways, I think from exhaustion…

I learned LOT about what not to do.

It was my wake-up call. Depressing doesn’t even register on the same scale as to how bad I felt. I so desperately wanted to have an awesome relationship I was willing to do anything to have it.

And I had just failed miserably.

Never in my life did I feel so inadequate and insecure. This failure was way beyond my realm of understanding.

Now, if you knew me you’d find that hard to believe because I’m determined and unshakable with most things. I have a will that doesn’t take “no” for an answer and will seek out knowledge until something get resolved…

This one had beat me. I failed and failed big time…

But it takes two right.

Eventually I decided it was my life fate to sort it out because nothing could be as important. How could anything be more important than to love and be loved?

For some people it’s making the million bucks and living in an expensive neighborhood and driving the super cool car.

For me it’s always been different…

At the end of my life I wanted to be able to say I succeeded in love.

Nothing was or is more important – even today.

...at the time I made the commitment to do whatever it takes to figure it out.

My dream was not unlike others…

  • …to have someone in my life I could call my very best friend knowing they would be there through thick-or-thin
  • …to hold me and comfort me when I life got me down
  • …to listen to my challenges with some endeavor I was undertaking without giving advice
  • …to encourage me when I felt like crap
  • …to remind me of who I really was when I felt inadequate
  • …to share good meals with
  • …no more “alone” vacations
  • …to build a life story together

I wanted to know we could work through anything, had each others back, have unshakable trust, and that love would get stronger and not eventually fade into a fantasy I had somehow dreamed up…

Well I have bad news and good news…

What I’ve learned over these past 20 years is relationships are part of the life journey. It’s not a one-time “Do—this-fix-that” process.

​It's far more complex than that.

(But there are some short cuts I'll get to in a minute...)

Especially today with influences coming at us at all angles. Like reality TV shows or sit coms that encourage treating people like pieces of meat at the slaughter house…

What does work is copying what successful couples do…

Learn what relationship experts have observed, tested, and validated…and then build new predictable and reliable habits around these proven practices.

It’s a good place to start.

I used to chronically complain my family members didn’t stay in touch with me. And one day while in a workshop in a peaceful state of awareness I had a simple epiphany and realized no one had ever taught them. That’s right.

As simple as it may seem what I realized was up until someone had taught me I was clueless myself how to stay in touch with people.

Let me give you another example…

Did you know we all have listening filters?

Yep, plain as day once you know where to look...

When I practiced watching myself and how I listened to people it’s no wonder I was unable to “go deep” into a conversation.

Surface small talk was all I was trained for.

Bill Hefferman

The conversation never got past my listening filters to go deep…

My unconscious agenda’s got in the way.

Actually I had many listening filters like “listening to fix” so I could feel better about myself or “listening to find fault” so I could “fool myself” into thinking I was better. Here’s a good one “listening to jump in so I could talk”.

Amazing I had even a friend.

Try an experiment today. Go have a conversation with someone and watch how you listen. Do you listen for accuracy? Do you compare your own story as you listen? Do you listen to find fault? Do you listen for the need or desire to understand their meaning or what they are wanting… (hint: this is a good idea)

Do this...

...look at the one single BIGGEST problem in your current relationship.

If its not working doing it your own way you need help. Agreed?

There’s too much at stake so get clear about that first.


How do you know what expert to pick and what information to trust?

Lets face it…

Can’t speak for you but for me this was probably the scariest thing I ever had to face. Heck we’re talking about our identity here!

Who wants to admit they’ve had it all wrong?

Not sure about you but I know I want to be holding the reins of the horse buggy I’m riding in…

What makes it worse is there is so much negative press about therapy…

Let alone there is a million-in-one ways to tackle any problem.

How do you sort through it all?

Over a ten year period I sorted through the whole psychology field studying the type of therapy and coaching models.

I went and got certified in many of the program I felt got the best results in the quickest way possible.

I tested the models and techniques with hundreds of clients and used them myself.

I actually was never interested in becoming a therapist/coach until I studied the models and tried and tested many of them.

Time consuming – yes!

Expensive – yes!

But the payoff has been priceless.

Moving on…

Eventually I saw a pattern.

Actually several but lets keep it simple for now…

The relationship challenges across clients had common themes.

I also noticed I kept repeating some basic exercises to them over-and-over again until one day I realized…

There had to be a way to get couples this information before they come to me so they already had the basics in place.

The learning curve could be dramatically shortened if they just had a place to learn the basics first.

Then, when they do one-on-one work with me they could achieve success much faster… eliminating the long learning curve…

You see in sessions you can only cover so much ...and it may take weeks to get a simple relationship principle fully understood.

Think about it... what do you do when you learn to drive a car. Do you go in one day and learn to brake, a week later how to park, a week later pass someone, etc... Heck No!

I was successful with a similar idea in my martial arts school many years ago when I created video’s on all the techniques.

Student loved learning at their own pace, and they could go back and jog their memory before coming to class (and to save embarrassment if they had taken time off).

And it made it way easier and more fun for me because I was there to finely tune their skills.

Well why not for relationships as well?

Introducing the Getting Relationship Right System for anyone wanting amazing relationships and wanting to develop the right magnetism to attract the partner of their dreams...without a long learning curve.

My Getting Relationship Right System Is the Best System Available For Attracting And Re-Kindling RelationshipsEnter your text here...

Why I created this program for you...

Coaching individuals, couples, and leaders over the past 17 years led me to some simple truths.

If you're trying to change old patterns of behavior the fast path is to get guidance to uncover your blind spots, a process to resolve them, encouragement along the way, and support to stay focused and committed to your lifetime aspirations.

And it should not drag out for months or years...

The alternative is to waste precious time and money recycling the same results (or a version of it with some small token change) over-and-over again until you finally give up or remain frustrated.

Starting today, you can end your fears of being alone, losing the love of your life, of lack of intimacy or trust, poor communication or (gulp) thoughts of divorce and what will happen to your children…

Heck, for that matter let’s finally do away with most people’s relationship fears…

  • being able to say what your needs are and never feel heard
  • that feelings of isolation and loneliness won’t end
  • that you can’t be yourself without penalties
  • that you’ll have to change self to make the other happy
  • that you’ll have to continue to take on too much responsibility
  • that maybe your expectations are too high
  • that they will never “get it"
Linda Aldridge Testomonial
  • being able to say what your needs are and never feel heard
  • that feelings of isolation and loneliness won’t end
  • that you can’t be yourself without penalties
  • that you’ll have to change self to make the other happy
  • that you’ll have to continue to take on too much responsibility
  • that maybe your expectations are too high
  • that they will never “get it"
  • that s/he will stay immature and incapable of really connecting to me or the kids
  • that maybe you’ve tolerated poor connection for too long, don’t know if you can continue
  • that fights and arguments wont end
  • they will always be too clingy
  • they will continue to use distancing behaviors
  • that you’re not really compatible…you both have changed too much
  • that you’ll continue to be a rescuer when you know it’s destructive
  • that s/he will continue to stonewall and not share their truth and you’ll never clear it clear whatever “it” is!
  • not being able to set boundaries and deliver
  • “I’ll avoid a fight at any cost” ways of thinking
  • that maybe it’s all your fault
  • that the kids will grow up dysfunctional
  • worries or repetitive thoughts of how hard it would be starting over…
  • that you have to let the dream go and you failed…that there is no going back
  • that you could never keep up with the home and raise the kids by yourself
  • limits of shared custody
  • being a single mom/dad
  • not able to make it financially or emotionally without a partner
  • wont work it out and you’ll be alone
  • if you got divorced you’d have to learn how to date again
  • and the ultimate fear…Divorce
  • worse yet you’ll be too old….and you will die alone
When you practice the Getting Relationship Right time-tested principles you become a master at what is motivating you unconsciously that can finally be put to rest.

You can predictably and confidently end the frustrations of…

  • lack of communication in your partner
  • avoiding you when you're upset
  • how to talk about relationship challenges when they come up
  • end the challenge of "recycling" the same issue
  • move past compromising your life to accommodate the dysfunction
  • being ok with putting yourself first once in a while
  • getting along with parents or in-laws
  • sharing your truth without it being a huge deal
  • sharing truth without being ridiculed or put down
  • the issue of them not doing their personal work …
marietta linney testimonial
  • you being blamed and the put-down's for the predicament you are in
  • not finding harmony together
  • your partner taking everything the wrong way
  • your partner being so reactive
  • finally putting the past to be behind you
  • longing for your partner to their fair share
  • having more depth to the conversations
  • partner being more curious and interested in your life

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Painful isn’t it?

What’s immediately possible using the Getting Relationship Right System is having…
  • Peace of mind
  • More time spent on things you love
  • Alignment with your partner (or ability to move on with honor and respect)
  • A dependable proven system to fall back on when stuff gets out of whack
  • Better communication skills
  • How to listen so the other person feels heard
  • How to communicate so you develop a deeper connection that is authentic
  • Precise way of removing unconscious barriers that are blocking daily success
  • Keen insight into the other person’s challenges enabling more empathy and closeness
  • More emotional intelligence to handle relationship issues easier and with love and actually feel closer to them as you work through it
  • Relationship stability
  • More bonding
  • Trust that is reliable and predictable
  • Clean slate so past doesn’t keep haunting you and interfering with the present
Now you may be thinking…”Why trust or listen to this guy Ed?”

Enter your text here...Great question and your not just trusting me. Your trusting my 15+ years of research and using field tested tools with hundreds of couples I’ve worked with over the past 20 years and you’re trusting…

Kristen Hetzel and transformation
  • I know what it takes to work through the worst stuff (like losing a home, wife, and job all in the same month)
  • That I know what it’s like to put dating and relationships on hold to clean up the necessary stuff that contaminates them…
  • And I know what it’s like to drop the mask of trying to fit in and finding the real you underneath it all… so you approach life from an authentic perspective
  • That I know what it’s like to go through a horrible divorce and be sued; I know what it’s like to have a partner who gives up when you should actually work it out
  • That I too have been through the struggle and got through the other side
  • That I’ve spent over $100K learning how to do this from the best in the business
And the truth is, this program is not for everyone…

Some people are just not ready. Some people are coerced into coming to therapy or reaching out for help. You see, in the past when they reached out they got slammed so why would they want to reach out now? Makes no sense to the person who got slammed when they were little.

I get it. I was one of those people. I tip-toed into therapy.

Most people that could use the help need a lot of motivation to overcome the pain they experienced when they needed help early on. (This is a perfect example of how your unconscious motivates you out of your awareness.)

The Getting Relationship Right System is for...

  • Couples who want to work it out and ideally stay together
  • Couples who want to set a good example for their children
  • Couples who want relationship security and the joy that can be created together
  • Couples who have had some help, have not succeeded, but still have hope
  • Couples who want more daily intimacy
  • Couples who want to communicate more effectively
  • Couples who want to feel fulfillment in all their relationships
  • Couples who want healthy boundaries with each other
  • Couples who want to do all they can to have a successful relationship
  • Couples who want a true relationship with everything on the table cleaned up so they live day-to-day in authenticity
  • Couples who want to raise kids in a healthy loving environment
  • Couples who want to clean up past once and for all and move into what is possible today… to live an optimal life

And Getting Relationship Right System is also not for certain people

There are certain signs of couples who wont make it in any program. If you relate strongly to any of these consider you may be wasting your time.

  • Couples who are fed up and don’t want to try any more
  • Couples who think it’s always about the other person
  • Couples who want to blame others for their problems
  • Couples who believe in keeping secrets
  • Couples who don’t want to investigate what it takes to change old patterns
  • Couples deathly afraid of what truth they might find out
  • Couples who think that ignoring the issue will make it go-away
  • People who are afraid of psychology and resist others perspectives for fear of losing control
  • Couples who are closed minded and ego driven
  • Couples who don’t want to change and think the other person will have to change or it’s just not going to work
  • Couples who jump from one therapist or coach to another blaming the therapist
  • Couples who don’t want to admit when they are wrong
  • And the biggie… couples who justify money as the barrier to getting help (yes, there are some people who cannot and they are not who I'm referring to here :))
And what about trust? This is another biggie.

For over half of my life I didn’t realize that keeping quiet and “not rocking-the-boat” was a recipe for disaster.

But here is another great tip from the experts…

…learn how to make statements that are unarguable.

What does this mean?

Well you see one of the bigger core issue we all have is how our unconscious mind influences us out of our awareness. Yes, it’s like a sheep dog nipping at us trying to guide us based on stuff that happened 40 years ago…

Our unconscious or implicit memory system acts like a sheep dog, nipping at our heels, trying to guide us based on stuff that happened 40 years ago…

During times of stress it sucks because these habituated patterns are not very accurate in the way they assess any given situation

These are things that happened to us when we were little tots running around trying to decide how to fit in…

Our brains drew conclusions and developed all the needed patterns to guarantee our survival. We are like survival machines when we are tiny. It's part of our development and we do it well.

And it’s out of our awareness…

This is a good time for me to remind you to give yourself a break the next time you feel bad about your upbringing.

You did exactly what was needed to be done to make it. For some of us it's near extraordinary you even made it…

So give yourself a break…

...whatever happened wasn’t your fault!

It’s part of our biology – we just do it to survive.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, we need a way to unplug the unconscious so this new and profound way of communicating… “making unarguable statements” does this perfectly.

It's radically different but hang in there with me because this is really cool… and you can use if from this day forward to improve your relationship.

Let’s say you are triggered. On one end of a spectrum a typical reaction is to become bitchy or be a jerk and become controlling. On the opposite end you might become a weeny and start a pity party or what I call a victim club. You know what I mean…

…either we’ve all done it or we know plenty of people who do it.

Regardless, they are both dead end streets and keep you stuck.

Instead, take a different approach.

Say things like, I notice I’m wanting to judge you right now as I listen to you…

or Im wanting to yell at you right now and call you something really bad…

or I’m wanting to say something I’ll probably regret so let me just hit the pause button on myself…

or my stomach is tight and I’m imagining you are going to leave me…

or “I’m having these thoughts you are not in love with me anymore…is that true?”

The point is to say something so true that no one can argue with it and to name it so it's out in the open.

And here is an insider secret tip…

…say it with genuine curiosity and with a desire to shift the “knee jerk reaction comments” to a reaction that is positive and loving.ver time you'll begin to distinguish between what to say and what is not necessary...

The strategy slows down your experience so you can
choose a different response...

Right about now you brain is going “you’re kidding me right?” well no actually I’m not and here is why.

First off, I’m thinking you are reading this right now because you need help... right?

I’m thinking you probably regret, over-and-over again, things you say or do and maybe don’t often even apologize for... right?

And I’m thinking it would be pretty cool if you were ALWAYS in charge of any reaction even when your unconscious has been loaded with a lot of crap from the past... right?

Then pause your skeptic for a bit longer… ok?

When you do this enough you begin to see the magic. You start to catch yourself and see how your unconscious has been running the show behind the scene all of your life.

And you’ll see how the same has been going on for others. (you may be having an aha moment right now and saying “holy…”)

…if not, no worries stay with me and you’ll eventually have it.

The big “aha” for me was realizing how visible my unconscious patterns were once I started telling the truth… in the moments when I would have otherwise over-reacted or embarrassed myself.

And it doesn’t matter why – even if you’re not sure why you’re thinking what you’re thinking…

What matters is naming the experience and ending the drama of continuing to feed it.

The main benefit is you become really a smart communicator and your partner will love you for it.

If I had to bet my life on one tool this is it so you may want to read this again…

It’s the single most important skill you can learn to be in the drivers seat of your relationship or any other thing you desire in life.

…it’s that important!

So maybe you are still thinking…
“Not sure I can afford it" (Ans: What price can you put on a fulfilling relationship? Anything other than a valid reason to not trust the program source is an excuse.)

“Not sure I will follow through on it” (Ans: The Getting Relationship Right System brilliantly supplements all other work you're doing and moves you along faster than otherwise possible. Clients who have used the tools ask deeper questions and waste less time doing therapy because they are more aware of what the dynamics are.)

“Already in therapy so spending money elsewhere seems like a waste” (Ans: If you are not following a proven system it takes way longer to resolve. In each counseling session you’ll get fragmented bits and pieces of the solution week-after-week and you are forced to sort through the patterns yourself over a long period of time. It’s expensive and a waste when you compare what other options are available. I think therapists are great as I'm one of them but I think a therapists supplementing a system like the Getting Relationship Right System is even far more powerful.)

“Not sure it will work for me.” (Ans: You won’t until you try it and that is why I have an unconditional money back guarantee so you can take it for a test drive. Most people have patterns they have developed over many years. Don’t expect them to go away overnight regardless of any program you choose. It doesn’t work that way. Healing or changing our belief systems is a process that takes time. One big tip is to practice the right habits that get better results to change old bad habits. The more you practice the more aware you become of the subtly of how to think as you change the way you relate to yourself using these tools. The tools are like have self-awareness on steroids).

“Wont do it without coaching and support.” (Ans: If you can afford both, do it, because it will speed you along at a far greater pace without losing momentum. You will ask smarter questions and get maximin value out of your therapist. You will be more inspired and the connections between how all of the elements fit together will come together faster so you are thinking on your own and it’s faster than relying on a practitioner. Finally, some people have early developmental trauma that needs to be addressed or it will override and dramatically slow your progress. A specialist like myself can help you to to see and dissolve those patterns and beliefs so you are not encumbered by them. But, just for the record, if you are self motivated you will benefit far more by practicing the Getting Relationship Right System for a while then get one-on-one assistance to resolve and stuck places. You will get way more bang for your buck.)

“Prefer face-to-face with expert to guide me.” (Ans: This is an excellent idea but again there is only so much that gets covered in a session. Having the ability to understand the research behind relationship dynamics accelerates your ability to make better choices in the moment when difficult things start showing up. The Getting Relationship Right System also acts as a touchstone for what to do that you know is based on time tested research that has been tested universally for over the past 100 years. You save hundred of dollars and use therapy as a support tool rather than being dependent on it.)

“Not sure I trust you.” (Ans: That would be a given because you don’t know me. There is some risk in choosing anyone’s program. I offer you an unconditional Money Back Guarantee as a way of helping you with this. I offer you true real-world testimonials to back up my reputation. If you are on the fence I’m also available for 1 consultation at half my normal fee so you get a taste of how I work and how powerful the work is and how well I understand how it works. Please reference this offer.)

It is possible for you to have it all. But sorry to say it comes at a cost...

The cost is trusting you don’t have all the answers and that there are people out there who have done the research, worked with people like yourself, and offer leading edge program like the Getting Relationship Right System that bring the best tools into a step-by-step cohesive solution that is reliable and predictable.

You can have what you’ve dreamed about and you deserve it…

You want learning to be easy. Every module was designed to be easily digested on your favorite computer, tablet, or phone. You’ll also receive interactive PDF workbooks, handouts, and templates. The videos are short and to the point.

There is no wasted effort to learn these.

  • To be loved and cherished
  • To be respected and seen
  • To have someone who meets you half way
  • That someone has your back no matter what happens
  • That you fulfill love in this lifetime
  • That you can be all of who you are and have it fully embraced by others
  • To have direct communication that clears up anything permanently
  • To be seen and regarded as capable
  • To deeply love yourself
  • That your ideal partner will have your back and love your even when you do stupid stuff or screw things up from time-to-time
  • That your ideal partner will be in the same alignment with how relationships can work with a team effort…
Or you can attempt to do this alone or stay in the struggle you have created thus far…

  • Live with the disconnections the rest of your life
  • That your conversations will continue to go no where and you'll continue to be frustrated
  • You will continue to not feel special and will regret staying with them
  • Have no sex or a little sex once in a great while
  • Continue to not really know each other
  • Find out when you’re old and grey you wasted your life
  • Divorce and find that it’s really no better out there with others
  • The belief that you cannot heal these things about yourself and you’ll always be alone even when you’re in a relationship
  • That your kids will take on these dysfunctional behaviors later in life
  • That you’ll end up having an affair
  • That you’ll fall out of love and not be able to regroup
  • Live in different homes as you raise the kids
  • You will lose the opportunity to experience life and all that it offers because your partner are not interested in things you enjoy
  • That you’ll have to keep wondering and guessing if s/he will ever come around to what a healthy loving relationship actually is...
  • Go through with a divorce you've been thinking about and always wonder if things could have worked out differently
You have everything to gain and can feel safe practicing the Getting Relationship Right System…
  • Hundreds of therapists use these tools
  • The exercises were designed and researched by the best in the business
  • I’ve personally witnessed my own clients lives drastically change for the better
  • I personally use the tools daily and see the results along with what works and what doesn’t and what you have to do to implement get the value out of the principles and practices
  • I’ve spent over $100K learning how to do this from the best in the business and I’m pretty picky about who I trust and who I avoid... you're getting the best!
  • I’ve been through the struggle and gotten through the other side using the exact tools
  • I know what it’s like to go through a horrible divorce and be sued
  • I know what it’s like to have a partner who gives up when you should actually work it out.

Program Component #1: 17+ Step-By-Step Video Lessons

GRR program

Step 1: Know Your Values and Beliefs

In step 1 you will get acquainted with the things that matter most to you. When you align your unconscious values with your conscious values you are like a magnet. Attracting certain people and behaviors like a butterfly to the rose. This module will break this essential skill down and you will walk away feeling grounded in what you stand for and what you are not willing to tolerate any longer in your life.

  • Foster more union and harmony with the essential 16 relationship values
  • Provides 6 in-depth videos outlining the blueprint for building and sustaining trust in any relationship so you recognize when you are out of integrity and self correct.
  • Delivers 12 communication values to aspire for when selecting or being with the ideal partner so you can identify core are areas to address immediately.
  • Embody more love with these 7 core practices to so you can shift old dysfunctional habits more rapidly while focusing on the positive.

Step 2: Know What You Want

It’s always surprising to me the number of people who don’t like the situation they are in but are clueless about what it is that they want. You have to take time to learn this about yourself to get the best results. In this step, I will walk you through how to determine your underlying needs that match with your values. You will also learn the most powerful way to see what you are doing unconsciously that you didn’t realize was previously derailing you.

  • The power of writing effective vision statements so you can align your unconscious with your conscious mind
  • How to set powerful goals that get the results you want and not the unconscious by-product
  • How to address your blind spots so they stop derailing you

Never again will you be wondering what to do next. Through a loop of reflection and implementation in no time at all you will see the genius of these strategies to “unplug” unconscious dynamics that all along were sabotaging your relationships.

Step 3: See Responsibility As A Celebration

Learning what healthy responsibility is will change your life paradigm. At the peak of understanding these concepts and practices you will see that taking responsibility is the gateway to owning how powerful you are and see the realization that you influence all things around you. Over time and with practice you will begin to see how much freedom responsibility gives you. When you feel this kind of freedom there is no room for fear to run the show any longer.

  • Easily recognize how you can view responsibility as a celebration so you can see and engage your life path as it applies to relationships more easily
  • Recognize and distinguish between where you take 100% responsibility, more than 100%, or less than 100%, and the consequences of doing so you can more easily interrupt old habits that no longer serve you
  • Demonstrates how to get back into taking responsibility when taking too much or too little so you stop wasting precious time
  • Builds more insightful connection between taking responsibility and how it relates to the decisions you make and the outcomes you are getting so you can see how your unconscious is influencing you more readily
  • Allows you to see where others take too much or too little responsibility so you can stop playing into the dynamics and encourage realness and authenticity steeped in validation and reverence for each others gifts
  • Exercises that you and your partner can practice
  • And much, much more...
Keith provides testimonial for Ed Ferrigan Coaching

Ed's coaching has helped me tremendously in my relationship with myself, my kids and especially my wife. So, much of my life I have been defensive and sometimes selfish and lacked close emotional connections with others. Ed's guidance has given me the ability to understand my unconscious behavior and the effect it can have on me, my kids, and my wife. After six months of coaching, I have the confidence and listening skills to be a better dad and husband. I highly recommend Ed's relationship coaching for any man wanting to have more enriching relationships with his spouse and children.

Keith Linney - Sales Manager

While taking responsibility may seem obvious on the surface I’ve experienced hundreds of patterns people use unconsciously that derail relationship success. You will learn how to identify these patterns in yourself taking responsibility to a whole new level. Stay on track with the awarenesses this video will create.

Module 4: Maintain Integrity and Trust

As a book-end to responsibility maintaining integrity and trust is at the heart of self expression. When you express yourself fully you get to your true hearts desire. Living a complete and fulfilling life with your ideal partner requires integrity and trust or your fear mechanism will hold you back. This step in the program will provide you with core practices to embody so you know exactly when integrity or trust are being tampered with and what to do about it. This module gives you the blueprint for seeing whether you are truly compatible and how to reach the deepest levels of intimacy.

  • Identifies 16 relationship values that are essential for fostering union and intimacy.
  • 6 in-depth modules illustrating the blueprint for building trust in any relationship
  • Reinforces 12 communication values along with couples exercises to aspire for to not only attract the ideal partner but to enhance your current relationship
  • Ends the constant battle of being heard or how to listen so your partner feels connected and supported
  • Embodying love has never been so easy with these 7 core practices to shift old dysfunctional habits more rapidly
  • Reveals the 6-step process to stay in your power and release the unconscious pattern that is driving unconscious strategies that stop intimacy
  • Gives you the 6 essential strategies that allow you to master emotions and benefit from the messages they communicate

Module 5:  Know Your Biology For Faster Results

There are certain aspects of our biology that when understood speed the process of change. In this module I’ll provide radical insights into neuroscience and attachment theory to give you an insider advantage to knowing why you and other people are motivated to do what they do. After watching these videos you will quickly see more of your life story that is operating under the hood that is derailing or promoting your success. With this knowledge you will know when to encourage or discourage yourself at your command. It will no longer be a mystery that you can choose how you want to be moment-by-moment.

  • Provides powerful insights about the brain so you’re more conscious about change and how your biology influences your responses and relationship choices
  • Memory essentials so you can see the impact memory has on choosing and sustaining healthy relationships
  • Secrets of right versus left brain processing so you are better equipped and motivated to handle your emotions
  • NEW techniques to understand your nervous system so you can more easily manage your responses to life (this has been life-changing for many clients!)
  • Discover 9 CORE axioms or awarenesses that will speed up your ability to modify outdated mental models so that you are more in control of what you want to believe consciously.
  • NEW ways to stop resisting change so you can learn more rapidly.
  • 3 Powerful leading edge models that will help you to understand why human can be irrational and how to overcome the deficiencies of our evolutionary minds so you are more in control of your choices and actions.
  • Insights into 6 Parts of the brain that you can instantly engage to be more conscious in your thoughts and choices so you make more conscious choices
  • Gives you 5+ exercises to change or modify your relationship beliefs and make you more aware

Module 6:  Completions

A brand new addition to the line up... It's essential to clean up "incompletions" if you want to keep perspective on current challenges. If you are incomplete with old relationships you will project those into your current relationship.

As you might imagine this is far more difficult to resolve. Old incompletions "leaking" into the current relationship create a toxic environment and makes challenges seem way bigger than what they need to be. Here are just a few things to look forward to...

I'm inspired by the Intentional Agreement Learning Module and the critical importance of Agreements. Instantly I am reminded of areas where this will make so many relationships and situations "cleaner", clearer, more effective and authentic. Honestly, Ed, this is really powerful. Even with my teenaged kids I see so many applications I will implement with renewed vigor.

Will Harden - Chiropractor

  • Gives you the top 8 indicators of where incompletions are playing out in your relationship
  • Exercises to finally complete with parents, previous relationships and anything linger in your current relationship.
  • Secrets to handling situations in the moment that will resolve past and present regardless of if the past is leaking into the present situation or not
  • And much, much more

Program Component #2: Supplemental Weekly Email Training

Integrate each video with a weekly prep email describing the situation and how to apply what will be in the next video. It tees up the next lesson in a way you are eager to watch, practice the lesson, and know how to apply it. Each week you’ll get a specifically designed email to open the lesson, offer insights, and help you frame up how to think about the video as you work your way through it. It will keep you motivated and offer you timely insights. ($300 Value)

Program Component #3: Workbook

Along with the video and emails you will have a PDF workbook to follow each exercise so you have recorded notes of what is working and what you need help on. (no charge)

Program Component #4: Feedback System

There is a feedback button on every video-lesson page that keeps me informed and a pulse on what is the program needs further explanation. I regularly monitor this feedback and when needed will offer weekly on-line sessions to clarify concepts, exercises, or how to handle specific situations. (no charge)

Program Component #5: Lifetime Updates

For the time being I am offering lifetime updates to the Getting Relationship Right System. Neuroscience, trauma research, attachment theory, other up-and-coming psychological models and my own insights continue to refine my knowledge of the principles and I want to continue to share them with you. It is one of my life goals to create a program that has the potential to change the world. The Getting Relationship Right System is the foundation of that. ($300 a year value)

Program Component #6: Private Discussion Group

One of the biggest challenges with integrating any new information is how our brains are wired to like patterns. Until you experience something you will not know if your pattern is promoting your learning or resisting learning. What we know for sure in brain science is our brains can change but you must give it a reason. Learning from others is another way to the GRR concepts learn faster. I encourage you to utilize this private group and save yourself a lot of time and money. ($300 a year value)

Summary...It’s important to know the full value of your investment.

The Six-Step Getting Relationship Right System: This is a 15+ videos relationship training system that has taken me over 17 years to distill down to what really works and matters. In this training you will get the essential elements of ANY relationship to make them outstanding and healthy. You are getting information that is priceless for the value acquired in its contents. ($995 value)

Supplemental E-Mail Training: Integrate each video with a prep email describing the situation and how to apply what will be in the next video. It tees up the next lesson in a way you are eager to watch, practice the lesson, and know how to apply it. Each week you’ll get a specifically designed email to open the lesson, offer insights, and help you frame up how to think about the video as you work your way through it. It will keep you motivated and offer you timely insights. ($97 Value)

Workbook: Along with the video and emails you will have a PDF workbook to follow each exercise so you have recorded notes of what is working and what you need help on. ($19.95)

Feedback: There is a feedback button on every page that keeps me informed and a pulse on what is the program needs further explanation. I regularly monitor this feedback and when needed will offer weekly on-line sessions to clarify concepts, exercises, or how to handle specific situations. (no charge)

Lifetime Updates: For the time being I am offering lifetime updates to the Getting Relationship Right System. Neuroscience, trauma research, attachment theory, other up-and-coming psychological models and my own insights continue to refine my knowledge of the principles and I want to continue to share them with you. It is one of my life goals to create a program that has the potential to change the world. The Getting Relationship Right System is the foundation of that. ($300 a year value)

FaceBook Private Group: Access the Private group for up to a year saving hundreds of "therapy" type questions...getting answers in a timely manner. Learning from others is another way to the GRR concepts even faster. ($300 a year value)

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Many programs like this run into the thousands of dollars because the return on investment is so high and it’s too risky and expensive to continue to ignore it.

…and lets not even talk about nasty lawyers or not being around your kids if you end in divorce court. (I don’t wish that on anyone)

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What You'll Get When You Sign Up Today:
  • 6 Modules (17+ step-by-step videos) that guide you through the essential pillars to having the best relationships possible ($995 Value)
  • Supplemental e-Mail Training for learners who like small chunks of information ($97 Value)
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  • Lifetime Updates ($300 per year value)
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