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Better Self Esteem? Practice The Inner Smile

better self esteem with Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching

If you want better self-esteem you can have it! But before you watch the practice video it may be useful to know some things about self-esteem. Agreed? There is a researcher whose name is Martin Seligman who is a famous psychologist popularized in the 90’s famous for his research on learned helplessness. I can report from the trauma research I’ve studied […]

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Relationship Gold You Wouldn’t Expect

Relationship Gold You Wouldn’t Expect by Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coach

In Relationship Gold You Wouldn’t Expect we will explore aspects an insider gem about part of our biology called the explicit and implicit memory system and why they matter so much for making or breaking your relationships. Our Memory is the back bone to all we think and do. When you understand how memory works […]

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Family Constellations – Getting More Benefits

by Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching - family constellation process

Let’s begin by talking about a spectrum between conscious versus the unconscious mind. The memory system called implicit memory is designed to make things super efficient. Like playing an instrument driving a car or riding a bike. One way to think about the implicit system is, it’s the part of your memory. When you repeat […]

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Is Your Conscience Hurting Your Relationship?

by Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching on the human conscience.

This article on the human conscience was created to help people understand yet another layer about relationships and provides insights into ways to create more intimacy and love. In this video Ed explains the three levels of the conscience an important function in the brain that has enabled us to survive as a species for […]

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Family Therapy: Try Family Constellation First

by Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching family constellations and family therapy

​Our biases can get in the way of efficient and effective family therapy. Using family constellations first to assess your situation is an excellent way to get an insight into what is actually mobilizing the core problem. In this video I discuss how a person who has biases about family constellations before she has even tried […]

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Reducing Relationship Anxiety Forever

relationship anxiety

Today, I want to share with you the first step to reducing relationship anxiety, forever!It wasn’t long ago; I was the walking poster child for relationship anxiety. On the surface I looked calm and collected but underneath I was a time bomb with a short fuse. I learned how to change it permanently, and I’m […]

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