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The Myth and Danger of Having a “Doing it Alone” Mindset

doing it alone

There is a comment I’ve been hearing a lot lately and it has to do with being stuck and feeling challenged.  And that comment is “I can do it alone” or “I have all the answers inside of me. I don’t need others to guide me…” I’m curious where that belief comes from and what you think […]

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Reducing Relationship Anxiety Forever

relationship anxiety

Today, I want to share with you the first step to reducing relationship anxiety, forever!It wasn’t long ago; I was the walking poster child for relationship anxiety. On the surface I looked calm and collected but underneath I was a time bomb with a short fuse. I learned how to change it permanently, and I’m […]

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Fast-Tracking Your Ability to Create What You Want In Life

Reaching your goals

In this article we will talk about the importance vision statements for getting clear about whatever we are wanting to manifest. I will share three important reasons for writing vision statements so that you can be more motivated to declare what you are after and achieve success faster. It is human nature to have both […]

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