Are You Focused On Victim Or Personal Power?

A Strategy To Beat COVID-19

In this article, I will share a powerful insight that I think will help you to avoid catching or to recover quickly from COVID-19. 

It is a powerful tool that can not only help you have a powerful immune system but help you to step fully into your capability as the world is changing.

Unconscious Strategies To Feel Wanted or To Avoid My Feelings

I discovered an insight many years ago that continues to help me today.

Last week I was reminded of this insight.

When I was little, I did not get much physical contact from my mom or dad. But I had a few strategies for getting physical contact.

The first one was clever, and it worked. I had three younger brothers and used to convince them to play "cars" on my body. I'd pretend I was a mountain, and they would drive their little cars all over me. Other times, I would wrestle with them. Even now, that sounds like fun!

The third strategy, while it worked, was not as pleasant. I used to get sick.

Yes. I'd get sick to draw attention to me.

Well, about a week ago, I was in a retreat and was gently reminded of my old strategy.

I saw myself getting sick.

It was a Tuesday morning, and I woke up feeling great!

I was feeling fantastic and in my personal power. I went to breakfast and then over to the lecture hall.

After 20 minutes or so, I realized I felt like I was catching something. Then I realized the woman next to me was sniffling. 

What was more than curious to me, though, was how quickly I had switched from feeling empowered an hour earlier, to this feeling of getting sick.

So I decided to play with it. I paused and felt where in my body, the sickness was central. Then I picked a hand to symbolize the feelings in my body related to feeling sick.

Next, I thought about what it feels like in my body when I can sense I'm in my personal power. I picked the other had to represent that.

Then I practiced going back and forth between these feelings, staying a little longer in the feelings of personal power.

An amazing thing happened. My "symptoms of sickness" gradually went away.

Within a few hours, I 100% back to normal.

We Get To Choose To Either Server Personal Power Or Being a Victim

During the process, I asked myself, "what was familiar to me about this "sick" feeling?" Immediately, I remembered getting sick often as a child and feeling like a victim. 

As a child, I would mend soon after my mother fussed over me and made some physical contact.

I share this story for a couple reasons. 

It has been proven to me over-and-over again, that we caught up in unconscious thinking based on our past. And that we are continually being influenced by our history.

The way we know this is to look at the result we are getting.

Just assume that whatever result you are getting in your life, you are contributing to it. Good or bad.

In this case, I was getting sick. When I took or was willing to take responsibility for my part in the outcome, I got my insight.

Don't Let Old Programming Strip You Of Your Personal Power

While the "sick" feeling in me didn't go away immediately, after a few hours it did. During those few hours, I practiced feeling into my own personal power. I reminded myself I was no longer a victim in life. It was as if I was reconnecting the circuitry of my child to the adult who is very responsible. 

On reflection, I think the collective fear of getting the virus was eating away at me and reminding me of my strategy for getting sick as a child. It's like the collective energy tapped right into my old programming.

Personal power (as opposed to being a victim in life) is about knowing you have options in life, and you are not a victim to life circumstances.

I don't believe there are accidents. Recent studies show that 85-95% of our daily decisions are based on habits. So the brain loves patterns. Daily we are acting out patterns based on information coming at us from outside sources. We are also influenced by the habitual patterns we do day-in and day-out. For example, your morning and other daily routines. Even the habits we default to when there is conflict.

These patterns are ok as long as we are getting the results we want. If we are not getting optimal results, then it is up to us to discover how we are contributing.

We can all manifest what our heart desires. It's part of our nature. And we have to believe in ourselves. 

Look around you. Except for the natural world, nearly everything you see was created by man. 

One of my mentors, Gay Hendricks, once said, "When you take full responsibility for your life, it is much easier to see the connection between events." I think this is a very astute observation.

My point is this: We are creators by our very nature. We are also responsible for reflecting and for seeing if the outcomes we are getting might be clues. Clues that point us to our conscious or unconscious beliefs, habits, or patterns we've adopted that might need to be changed. 

Use Your Personal Power To Create What You Want In Life

I got a valuable lesson that day sitting in the training program. I learned that I can sit back and be fearful (and unconscious), or I can stand tall and focus my attention on what I want to create in this world. I say, let's remove all excuses and focus on what we want to create.

My experience convinced me that the people who slip into being a victim are more susceptible to getting sick. In our current situation, a smorgasbord for the COVID-19 virus.

Wild animals know this naturally. A wolf pack will smell the weakest link in the herd and remove it.

I'm betting the virus is intelligent like this.

So don't be the weakest link. Learn to love yourself more. Be a leader in the world. The virus will see right through your ego or fear-based actions. You must be real and intentional. 

If you do feel insecure, say so, then declare what you want instead. This is how you will resolve any unconscious beliefs standing in your way. 

If you are serious, make a list of things right now that are not turning out the way you hoped. Then ask yourself the following questions for each one. Be genuinely curious and brutally honest with yourself.

  1. How am I contributing to this outcome?
  2. How is this familiar?
  3. What could I do differently right now to make a change?

Be sure to comment below and share it with your friends on social media if you think it would be helpful. Blessings today!

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Relationship expert, Ed Ferrigan, M.A., CPCC, has been helping singles, couples, managers, and teams break through limiting beliefs and communicate more effectively for over 25 years. Ed is author of the book 100+ Ways To Get Back On The Horse, facilitates workshops on communication skills and provides relationship coaching all over the world using web technology. Ed is a local resident of Boise, ID is an avid dancer, and enjoys fly-fishing.

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