Is Your Conscience Hurting Your Relationship?

by Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching on the human conscience.

This article on the human conscience was created to help people understand yet another layer about relationships and provides insights into ways to create more intimacy and love.

In this video Ed explains the three levels of the conscience an important function in the brain that has enabled us to survive as a species for millions of years.

By understanding how the conscience works you can begin to see unconscious reasons you think or behave the way you do. Then you can be more conscious of your intentions in the future to improve all your relationships.

Video Time: ​8:11

Relationship expert, Ed Ferrigan, M.A., CPCC, has been helping singles, couples, and teams in organizations communicate more effectively for over 20 years. Ed is author of the book 100+ Ways To Get Back On The Horse, facilitates workshops on couples communication and provides relationship coaching all over the world using web technology. Ed is a local resident of Prescott Valley, Az, is an avid dancer, and loves fly-fishing.