Relationship Solutions

​The world is not short of relationship solutions. The question is are they timeless and easy to grasp so you can put things behind you. One litmus test is how well you live in harmony without holding back.

Here are the most common markers of a relationship in trouble:

  • Contempt for the other person
  • Chronic blame and criticism
  • Less sex and intimacy
  • Chronic defensiveness (yes..butting, excuses, complaining, ignoring the other person)
  • Stonewalling (withdrawing to not "rock the boat", changing subject, incompletions, silent treatment)

​There are better options and you can find them here on this spades. For now, let's look at some of the markers for healthy long-term secure relationships:

  • Healthy communication (each person feels heard and understood - notice I didn't say agree)
  • Healthy responsibility (an equal share of giving and taking)
  • Emotional intelligence (ability to recognize when something needs to be shared without blaming or being a victim)
  • Completions (ability to talk about something from past or present and resolve it so it no longer interferes with your relationship.)
  • Trust and Security (recognize when you make and keep agreements, make agreements you actually want, change them when they are not working)

There is a formula I teach to all of my clients and it goes like this:

Secure Love Relationship = Reflection + Responsibility + Request + Reality

And it works well when you know and remember to apply it.

Think of it as "Long-term loving relationship = 4 R’s” it will be easier to remember…

Every piece of content and philosophy you will find on this website falls within the context of the 4 R’s…

So it's important.

It's geared toward simplicity and rapid positive change

And it's based on 20+ years of research and over $100K spent on education, certifications, and training with the best in the business of relationships.

Everything from early developmental trauma and neuroscience to manifesting your dreams in the fastest possible way.

Too many to list…(and it will probably bore you to death!)

It’s the backbone of all the strategies and tools you will get here… field tested… and work.

This website and my emails are filled with targeted solutions to the most common problems in relationships with particularly detailed focus on communication and integrity (Hint: you may want to know my formula for integrity)

…but times a wastin’ so let's get you going…be sure to look for free stuff that I know will give you back on the right track in no time.

Go ahead and begin here… Lots of great solutions: