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More Intimacy In Relationship

by Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching - have more intimacy in relationship

I don’t know anyone who would not want more intimacy in relationship. I often write (and preach…) about how our unconscious is running the show most of the time.Understanding how it is constantly nipping at your heals reveals a hidden secret to making relationship work better.One evening while in dance class dancing with my partner […]

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Partner Attraction: Here’s The First Step

Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching beach couple partner attraction

When it comes to partner attraction there are many fundamentals that need to be in place to increase your odds. Relationships have many dimensions and many books have been written with enough strategies to fill a swimming pool. So without wasting precious time lets look at the first step to partner attraction. After 20 years […]

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Fear Kills Relationship Intimacy

by Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching relationship intimacy

Fear can paralyze relationships. One minute your as happy as a beaver on a spring day and the next minute be finding excuses to leave the room. In any given moment your response may seem appropriate, but if you were able to later discuss with the person why you reacted the way you did, you […]

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Better Self Esteem? Practice The Inner Smile

better self esteem with Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching

If you want better self esteem you can have it! But before you watch the practice video it may be useful to know some things about self esteem. Agreed? There is a researcher who’s name is Martin Seligman who is a famous psychologist popularized in the 90’s. Dr Seligman is famous for his research on […]

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3 Relationship Skills To Speed Success

relationship skills success by Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching

To increase your odds of relationship skills success it is essential to understand the dynamics of trauma. (…btw this is an understatement…)No one is immune to often horrifying experiences life can dish out.​ And the saddest part of this is people don’t even know it’s affecting them. The way to know? Look at your results…Our […]

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Relationship Loneliness 1: How To Benefit From It

Ed Ferrigan Coaching can show you how to end relationship loneliness for singles

Relationship Loneliness – how to benefit from it In this first of a 2-part episode I will show you a life changing way to make friends with loneliness so you can have less of it. At the same time use it to your advantage to catapult you closer to finding the love of your life. […]

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Relationship Gold You Wouldn’t Expect

Relationship Gold You Wouldn’t Expect by Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coach

In Relationship Gold You Wouldn’t Expect we will explore aspects an insider gem about part of our biology called the explicit and implicit memory system and why they matter so much for making or breaking your relationships. Our Memory is the back bone to all we think and do. When you understand how memory works […]

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