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Couples Listening Skills – Listening Filters #1

Listening skills

High Ed Ferrigan with Ed Ferrigan Coaching. Thanks again for showing up and watching my videos. Today I’m going to talk about listening skills and want to give you a couple of tips. Those who are newly in here in a brand new relationship or have been in a relationship for a long time. This is especially […]

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5 Steps To End Fighting And Arguing

couple fighting - use Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching

In the 5 Steps To End Fighting And Arguing we will address the #2 killer of all relationships: Fighting and Arguing. Multiple researchers cite that the number two reason people leave relationships is because of regular bouts of arguing and fighting. In this article we will look at 5 steps you can start using immediately […]

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How To Not Take Things Personally

Relationship coaching by Ed Ferrigan

Not taking things personally is a common issue for many clients and people who responded to previous relationship surveys. In this article I will discuss what you need to do to not take things personally when things come up between you and your partner. While a book could be written on the subject I will […]

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Why Do You Keep Repeating The Same Old Argument?

Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coach Solves arguments forever

Why Do You Or Your Partner Keep Repeating The Same Old Argument?“One day while arguing with my ex-wife I realized that not only were we arguing for the hundredth time we were arguing about the same thing…”Gay Hendricks – The Relationship SolutionEver wonder why you and your partner-relative-friend keep repeating the same old argument? In this […]

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More Intimacy In Relationship

by Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching - have more intimacy in relationship

I don’t know anyone who would not want more intimacy in relationship. I often write (and preach…) about how our unconscious is running the show most of the time.Understanding how it is constantly nipping at your heals reveals a hidden secret to making relationship work better.One evening while in dance class dancing with my partner […]

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Fear Kills Relationship Intimacy

by Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching relationship intimacy

Fear can paralyze relationships. One minute your as happy as a beaver on a spring day and the next minute be finding excuses to leave the room. In any given moment your response may seem appropriate, but if you were able to later discuss with the person why you reacted the way you did, you […]

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Better Self Esteem? Practice The Inner Smile

better self esteem with Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching

If you want better self esteem you can have it! But before you watch the practice video it may be useful to know some things about self esteem. Agreed? There is a researcher who’s name is Martin Seligman who is a famous psychologist popularized in the 90’s. Dr Seligman is famous for his research on […]

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