Better Self Esteem? Practice The Inner Smile

better self esteem with Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coaching

If you want better self esteem you can have it!

But before you watch the practice video it may be useful to know some things about self esteem.


There is a researcher who’s name is Martin Seligman who is a famous psychologist popularized in the 90’s. Dr Seligman is famous for his research on learned helplesness.

I can tell you from the trauma research I’ve studied over the past 20 years his theory is brilliant.

Read about it. It’s life changing.

The essence of his teaching and research is that we can become conditioned to believe ANYTHING.

That your personal beliefs and environments train you to think a certain way.

The take-away here is it was conditioned into you.

Any belief or habituated pattern quite literally is the programming of our brain-body neuro-cicuitry to follow certain pathways until the pattern becomes normalized.

Think of it as…

Low Self Esteem = Conditioned Neuro-Circuits

If you read any of my articles on the implicit memory system you can relate to this model.

It also relates well to Dr. Bruce Lipton’s famous research on belief systems. The book is called The Biology Of a Belief.

While it’s a pretty, pretty difficult read ... it’s gold!

So what does this have to do with better self esteem and relationships?

Well, guess what happened to you if you have low self esteem?

It could be many things like not being validated as a child, abuse, early trauma that caused you to be inhibited so you didn’t explore as much as needed to feel confident about yourself. It’s an endless array of influences that cause it.

You get the idea…

Reprogramming For Better Self Esteem

That leads us to a solution to re-programming ourselves to “love” ourselves and have better self esteem.

Many of you who know me I trained in the martial arts for many years. During that period of intense practice I was drawn to the internal martial arts like tai chi and chi kung.

In short, the internal martial arts are designed to channel your internal chi or internal strength. I wont go into what chi is but lets just say it’s your life force – so it’s pretty important.

Without chi you’re basically dead (lol).

These internal practices originated from the Taoist practitioners of ancient China.

They were like super human researchers that discovered hundreds of things we just take for granted today. (i.e. acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, astrology, and so on)

One of the things they discovered was how to strengthen your internal organs through visualization, movement, and breathing practices.

And this is where our “inner smile” practice you're about to learn comes is.

This particular exercise is so good I immediately teach it to clients who I know suffer from low self esteem or have health challenges.

Note: While its great for rebuild self esteem it was originally created for cleansing the internal organs so it's an amazing health practice even if you don't have low self esteem...

You see, whatever our belief systems are we need way to accelerate re-programming ourself as Dr Seligman and Lipton discuss in their research.

As far as I know there is no magic pill for healing low self esteem.

The fast track to healing low self esteem is to practice self love. The inner smile practice will systematically teach you to do this.

This doesn’t mean there are not other great tools, I’ve just found this to be one of the fastest.

Now lets turn our attention to the Taoist practice I’ve been speaking about for healing self esteem and the body called: The Inner Smile

As mentioned The Inner Smile is an ancient Taoist practice that calms the nervous system down and quite literally re-programs us to release negative emotions about ourselves.

It organically purifies your organs… It has so many benefits, describing them would go far beyond the intention of this article.

For now, use The Inner Smile to cultivate a deep sense of centering and resilience in your body and to shift your negative-false belief about yourself.

Use The Inner Smile to start the re-programming process of shifting your conditioned state of your mind-belief systems from one of negative self talk to one of optimism and possibility.

Remember this, nothing happens over night.

You’ve probably been practicing negative thinking for a long time so don’t get frustrated if you don’t see immediate results.

Better Self Esteem "Secret Sauce" Tip

In fact, I’ll give you another “secret sauce” tip.

When you are frustrated because you are not getting the results you want (with anything you are trying hard for) it’s usually a sign you are tapping into your unconscious fear of change or a limiting belief.

That’s right.

The brain doesn’t like to change… even when the change is positive. The brain likes things that are familiar.

The brain doesn’t like change… even when the change is positive. The brain likes familiar things.

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Most people never make it past this stage of personal growth.

To get to real change you must sustain your practice through thick or thin! In this case your self esteem is so important make your practice, whatever it is, non-negotiable.

NEVER give up and over time your new conscious desire will prevail.

I know because I’m one of those people who thought I was born a loser. And I overcame it through many of the practices I will share in my articles and programs.

Now take the time to watch the video and practice the Inner Smile daily for at least 90 days and I guarantee you will notice a change in your daily outlook about yourself. (hint: it’s especially good just before bedtime)

Caution. You may experience intense moments of ecstasy while doing this practice. Enjoy it but don’t slow down your practice because you think you’ve “done the work”.

Oftentimes, these mini “break throughs” are common but they are only indicators related to a bigger problem that is beginning to fall apart. More on that later…

As you practice “belief-changing” exercises you may go through stages deep despair or heightened ecstasy. Realize now these patterns are normal when old worn-out conditioned patterns are falling away side.

So hang in there! Agreed?

Okay, watch the video and place your comments below and develop a daily practice.

Make it as equally important as drinking water.

In fact I challenge you to practice every day for 10 minutes for 90 days just to see what might happen. Use a journal to write down your discoveries.

Consider bookmarking this page then come back and report what you discovered. It will inspire others I’m sure.

Many blessings on your journey. Ed

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Relationship expert, Ed Ferrigan, M.A., CPCC, has been helping singles, couples, and teams in organizations communicate more effectively for over 20 years. Ed is author of the book 100+ Ways To Get Back On The Horse, facilitates workshops on couples communication and provides relationship coaching all over the world using web technology. Ed is a local resident of Prescott Valley, Az, is an avid dancer, and loves fly-fishing.

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